Points for building a cold climate greenhouse

Points for building a cold climate greenhouse

I had plants in my unheated Saskatchewan greenhouse since March 20th. This design works.


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Thank you we moved from 5b and to zone 2b like you. Thank you for the good information, and things to think about. Thank-you, I desire citrus, melons, tomatoes, peppers and pomegranate in my greenhouse. You have answered some of the how's.

  2. What's the temperature range in your greenhouse during the December/January months? I'm one of the neighboring states, and we get the same external temp ranges as you do as well as very cold windy days.

  3. Thank you! I live in a warmer zone (5A in QC) and even here I notice that our own microclimates have to be understood and respected. For example we basically do not have a spring or a fall. We go from cold and dry to hot and humid, so all that idea of fall crops versus summer crops is absolutely not applicable to my region. Our radishes, our cabbages have to be "friends" with a much hotter weather and we actually struggle to harvest well from certain green crops. For you gardening is abut a green house that resembles none of those cute glassy structures in England. For me it is about selecting crops that are very resilient. I would still totally use your idea for a green house though!



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