Passive Solar Greenhouse – Climate Battery Activated

Passive Solar Greenhouse - Climate Battery Activated – A simple and direct way to ‘tip’ to help support the time and energy we put into making our videos. Thanks so much!

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Most of your fellow battery builders use the thumb rule: The rate of air flow to store all the excess heat(in the winter I assume) has to equal 5 complete room volumes per hour. Not said elegantly but the units are correct.

  2. Great idea man. Have you ever thought about incorporating a rocket stove system into the greenhouse (either pipes flowing under the soil similar to the way you've done here)? Interested to hear your perspective

  3. To get a passive draw through the tube one side needs to be warmer and higher than the cooler lower side. If both sides are warm you have to have a fan to move the air.

  4. For adjustments, if the heat battery works, then make it so I can repel heat also during summer. Otherwise ull be cooked. One of the ways this can be done is to reflect light (and heat) off, or redirect it.

  5. A fluid system seems easier. Black tubing in a box, passive thermosiphon and/or a little solar pump. Hot tub or insulated water tank to store the excess. Easier to work a compost pile heater into the system, you already have some amazing hot compost piles going all the time. Be cool to gather that resource too. Love the channel

  6. looks great … the only thing i would think about is taking the heat thats at the top of your greenhouse and pumping it into the rocks to heat them up during the day and then reversing that during the night. if you remember looking at my setup i drew the heat at the top through the rocks to heat them up and then out at the bottom of the greenhouse where it would be the coldest. essentially what you are doing there is taking heat off of the rocks and pulling it into an already hot place near the top of the greenhouse. i like the idea of heating your house with the greenhouse also but what happens in the summer when not only heat but humidity comes in every time you open that door?

  7. The solar chimney is a great touch.
    What's the humidity like in the greenhouse?
    The water vapor condensing on the sides of the drain pipe is supposed to be a big part of how the energy is stored.

    I don't like cat poop anywhere near food plants, but you know what your doing.
    Maybe you could start a worm bin for the cat!
    Worm bedding, worms, and a layer of sifted soil, added to as he does his business, and planted with chook fodder when it's full.

  8. Check out SSL Family Dad here on youtube. He's trying something similar, heating a raised bed with a wood burning water circulation system. You two might can share some info…

  9. I do find the rocks intriguing because we all have rocks. I'm wondering (for me, not for you or others to change what you're doing) about alternating rocks and soil, moving left to right rather than layered, with screen or something heat-permeable (so not wood) between them, so the daylight heat banked by the rocks could move laterally into the soil.

  10. Maybe you could use just one more piece of painted-black tubing, horizontal, along the front, on the bricks (maybe only half-way so Stanley can still hang), and it could feed into the rock box and then you could seal up the rock box. So, the full run would go from the front, to the rocks, down into the soil, and then out the chimney. You might not have the pieces for it though… you would need a 90 degree angle piece…

    Also, it looks like you could fit a nice shelf in the upper area, over-head, for seed trays, etc.

    But it already looks great, man!

  11. Haha, incense…the hippie anemometer! In all seriousness, I really dig the glass and rock thermal mass oven. Rather than the black rain barrels, what about rock walls covered in plexiglass with internal flow tubes?

  12. First a question. What was the outcome of the compost heating system?
    We have the same issue with our cat using the bare soil as a kitty litter. My solution was laying down hawthorn branches everywhere that needed protection. Not only does it keep the cat from disrupting the seeded beds , it also keeps the squirrels out.



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