Off-grid Greenhouse and Garden Automation

Off-grid Greenhouse and Garden Automation

🔥 I have started a second channel where I am doing a beginners guide to automation! 🔥
This is a video overview of how I automate my greenhouse. This is the first in a series of videos, which will go in-depth on the coding, website, electrical components, solar, watering, intelligent watering scheduling and much more. This video is a broad overview of what I have done and my current setup.

This video is a bit different to my other videos, and I have kept it in its own playlist (Automation) so it is kept separate from my chilli growing, sauce making, gardening etc. in case you aren’t interested in the geeky aspects of my gardening!

The main components of my setup are:

* 100W Solar Panel:
* 110Ah Leisure Battery:
* EPSolar MPPT 10A Charge Controller:
* 2 x Wemos D1 R2:
* RS485 IC
* DHT22 Temp/Humidity Sensor
* DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature probe
* 2 x Shurflo Trailking 30 psi 10.6l/min water pumps (12v):
* LED light strips (12v)
* 6 x 12v Oscillating Fans
* Drip irrigation (13mm main line, 6mm drip pipes)

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  1. I recently moved house to a place with a greenhouse. Today I installed a solar panel and the epever controller. I have been following your other channel on automation, so I am really interested to know how you connected to the com port on the controller to get the information on your pc.

  2. Realy cool. Try incorporating more sensors to help the automation. Start with rain and soil moisture sensors. I Think it be awesome. You could also try to create an automated climate or something…..🦧

  3. Thumbs up, its an excellent video, but to be truly offgrid you'd need some way of "dialling in" to your device remotely as you're extremely unlikely to have wifi offgrid 😉

  4. Just wondering did you ever make changes to this system, any updates? After seeing this I'm looking at trying to do something at my allotment, starting with perhaps a small hydroponics system and expanding from there.

  5. Mount your fans the opposite direction. Instead of pointing them down, point them up. You can still have them oscillate.
    It will be a remarkable difference in moving hot air out, and the bees will be fine.

  6. In case you dont know…there is programable temp/hum sensor on ebay as cheap as a bag of peanuts. I dont think you really need a chip, pump or single board computer for what you want to do. Btw, i think at least in UK, wind power or wind/solar combi system would be a better solution for off grid power. I v been doing home veg gardening for more than a decade now. From day one I v been working/study on the automation of the watering and temp/hum control in my garden and polytunnel. Over years, I found out the best/most reliable/low maintenance solution are often the simpliest one.


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