Must Know Cheap Secrets for a frost free Greenhouse Protect Plants from Cold

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  1. Bales hay or straw sitting outside help. In light freeze weather. I have never tried in heavy freezes with lots of snow. I would imagine a thermal water proof moving blanket on top, with a tarp over to help keep moisture off would help.take care.

  2. Hey, Brad, I just discovered your channel! We have a small 6'x6' unheated greenhouse. I saved 6 of my big cat litter jugs (20 lb size), painted them black, and filled them with water. On a sunny day, I'll set them in direct sun, then move into the greenhouse before dusk. They keep the greenhouse about 5-10 degrees warmer than outside air – within reason. I'm in the northern third of Indiana, so these don't work when it's 18 degrees outside, but they're excellent in Spring when temps may drop to high 20's-low 30's overnight. I may experiment this Spring with one of those small cube heaters w/thermostat. Beats worrying about my greenhouse temps. We grow a sizable veggie garden which feeds us all summer, then we can or dehydrate to eat all winter. Keeping those warm-weather seedlings healthy is a must. The small oscillating fan is something I need! Thank you for the ideas!

  3. I'm planning to set a couple of jugs of water on top of a seedling heat mat connected to the thermo plug. Should help to evenly radiate heat. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I started my greenhouse the same week as when you made your new one in 2014 god damn 6 years this March god that’s gone too quick haha I stayed heating mine then and haven’t luckily had any problems , Altho the tutorial I followed was one you made in 2013/14 I think 😂😂

  5. Use white barrels and paint them black put in the corners of the green house and fill with water. Will do the same as the bottles. Put a self across the top and can double as a shelf. Also can be used as a water source if not luck enough to have running water in the green house. Then put your most tender around the barrels. Will have to start heating the water barrels before it gets cold as that much water will take time to warm..

  6. The ONLY 100% FREE method is mulch. A bare ground addition to a home can be made into a growspace That can be accomplished with mulch. If it holds moisture and if the right thickness is maintained adding a layer every two weeks. Kept moist this mulch breaks down and creates HEAT.

  7. I watched a video that stated 55 gallon drums tend to separate into a warm upper layer and a cold lower. To combat this I put a 75w aquarium heater in the bottom and sealed it with the lid as to contain it and not affect humidity keeping it warm throughout. During the day the heater automatically turns off and absorbs the ambient heat. If the water drop below 80F the heater maintains the temperature providing a 70-80F large thermal mass to get you through the night. I have 2 in a 10×12 however, this is not the only method I use because although not dying at 40-50F plants tend to slow down and look sickly if sustained at those temps. This is a timely topic heading into the coldest part of the year. I rewatched the mr.heater video on this channel yesterday for ideas on this matter.

  8. My primary heat source is a Comfort Zone heater! They are pretty efficient and powerful heaters, and it doesnt need to run constantly either. Love it! I supplement by bubblewrapping

  9. If you use terracotta pots or put on in the middle of a metal coffee container, it will trap more heat, get warmer and radiate enough to warm up the place. if using the terracotta pot method, place a few blocks around the candle, and place the pot bottom up on the blocks so that is just a bit (maybe an inch or two) above the top of the candle and just let it go 😎😎

  10. Can you confirm which zone you're in? From googling Vancouver Island, it seems like 8 or 9. Your tips probably won't be practical for folks like me in zone 4.

  11. Hi, Brad! Thank you for sharing all this useful information. Can I ask you about your experience in protecting your garden from heavy downpours?

  12. Thanks for the great tips. I could use some of these as we do get freezing temps at times. I think I've seen that video with the giant stove haha. Yeah it's too much. I love soda. Those bottles are helpful for so many things.

  13. Have you looked into window shrink film? The clear kind you install with two-sided tape on the frame and using a hair dryer? It's done a huge difference for me, without losing light intensity like you do with bubble wrap.


Moonflower Farms in Houston, Texas - a fly over view inside our 20,000 sq feet greenhouse.

Moonflower Farms in Houston, Texas – a fly over view inside our 20,000 sq feet greenhouse.

New York Greenhouse/Plant Zone 7a

New York Greenhouse/Plant Zone 7a