Hydroponic Greenhouse Update March 2019-Climate Controlled Greenhouse Karachi, Pakistan

Hydroponic Greenhouse Update March 2019-Climate Controlled Greenhouse Karachi, Pakistan


Hydroponic Greenhouse Update March 2019-First Climate Controlled Greenhouse Karachi, Pakistan.
Growing Plum Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Elephant Trunk, Orange Habanero, Yellow Capsicum and Red Capsicum in Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System and Hydroponic Deep Water Culture System successfully with automated controlled environment.
Hellfrucht Tomato Plants, Cherry tomato plants and plum tomato plants with lots of fruits. Hydroponic Greenhouse in Pakistan with fully automated system and climate controlled system.
Pakistan Hydroponics Climate Controlled Greenhouse with fully automated system.
Huge yield and loads of cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, capsicum, habanero peppers and elephant trunk peppers in hydroponic greenhouse at Karachi, Pakistan.
Loads of cheery, plum and beefsteak tomato clusters in Hydroponic System.
Automatic feeder for hydroponic dutch bucket system.
Dutch Bucket System in climate controlled hydroponic greenhouse.
Pakistan First Hydroponic Greenhouse which is climate controlled at Karachi, Pakistan.
Humidity, temperature, feeders, fans and Evaporation cooling pads are fully automated and controlled by expensive hi-tech sensors and controllers which are installed in Control box with relays of Schneider and other leading german companies and can also be controlled via mobile phone/cell phone from anywhere around the globe. Three phase controller boxes to control phase failure detection, reverse phase detection and Voltage fluctuation detection and can able to trip the whole system if any phase fail or drop to prevent losses of electrical devices installed in climate controlled hydroponic greenhouse.

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Pakistan Hydroponics


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. اسلام علیکم بھائی۔اپ اس پانی میں کونسا کیمیکلز ڈالتے ھیں اور کتنی مقدار اور کتنا عرصہ۔ساتی یہ سب کیسے بناتے ھیں یا بنواتے ھیں۔اگر کیسی کو ضرورت ھو تو آپ کیا مدد کرسکتے ہیں

  2. Assalam u Alaikum, hope you are doing good. I need some information regarding hydroponics. Are you giving any services? If yes please leave a number or let me know how to contact you.

  3. ماشاء اللہ سبحان اللہ سبحان اللہ سبحان اللہ اللہ پاک آپ کو برکت عطا فرمائے آمین یا رب العالمین. آپ کس شہر سے تعلق رکھتے ہیں.

  4. ماشاء اللہ بہت اچھا ہے اللہ مبارک کرے
    مجھے بھی شوق لیکن greenhouse کا خرچہ بہت زیادہ ہوتاہے

  5. ماشاءاللہ پہلی مرتبہ پاکستان میں اتنا اچھا سیٹ اپ دیکھا ھے ۔آپ نے وڈیو کو کنفیوڈ کر دیا ھے آپ صرف گرین ہاؤس کے بارےمیں بتائیں پانی سپلائی ٹائمنگ وغیرہ

  6. Hi,
    I really like your videos and the way you describe things. I've also started hydroponics but these days I am facing a problem of hot weather so can you please help me to control temperature for nft and dwc system as Ive used green net on the top but hot wind makes reservoir hot so I would appreciate any help or suggestions from you.

  7. Bhi kya in tomatos ko ya water ko oxygen ki zarorat hoti hai. Ap kis tra dy rehy. Or kitny inch ke pot me kitni nutrition ki zarorat hoti hai. Is per detail me video bny please.

  8. Very nice bhai.
    Mai ny tomato ky liye hydroponic nutrient bnana hai.mai Npk 20 20 20 sy bna sakta hun ya koi aur nutrient use ho ga.plz reply.
    My no for Whatsapp 03235925170

  9. Aslamualaikum, your effort and work is remarkable MashaAllah.. Do you consult in developing green house on commercial level, if yes then how to contact you?

  10. Please make a video on difference between chelated micronutrient and normal micronutrient in soil gardening. Micronutrient ka istemal kaise krna chahiye.

    Is sentence ka technical meaning kya he "When other positively charged ions, such as Calcium and Magnesium, are present in high concentrations, they compete with the metal ion for binding to the ligand. The metal ion might then be replaced, making the chelate ineffective in delivering the metal ion to the plant. "


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