How To Setup An Indoor Mini Greenhouse (Vivarium + House plants)

How To Setup An Indoor Mini Greenhouse (Vivarium + House plants)

How To Setup An Indoor Mini Greenhouse (Vivarium + House plants)!
In today’s Reptiliatus video, I will take you through all the steps to setup your very own mini indoor greenhouse for your home! You can use this to propagate plants for vivarium/terrarium use in bioactive enclosures, sow seeds, grow delicate house plants, and more!

Alocasia, Begonia, Peperomia, Philodendron, Monstera, Nepenthes and many more to come!

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___________________________________________________________________________EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BUILD YOUR GREENHOUSE (AMAZON LINKS):
Mini Greenhouse:
Sun blaster lights:
Plant reflective film:
Computer fans for ventilation:
Thermometer/Hygrometer combo:
Soil moisture sensor meter:
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  1. Calling out all plant keepers 🌿🌱! I want to know what you grow! House plants, terrarium plants, etc! Who here has a green thumb? Tell me what you are growing and I'll probably comment or at least give your comment a "❤️"! Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

  2. Does the temperature inside rises only because of the lights? I was thinking of buying on of these but the room where I want to put it is really cold

  3. Has it been holding humidity well? I am setting up a similar one for vivarium plants and nepenthes. I'll be using leds on each shelf. Was wondering if I need to add a humidifier.

  4. U got me with the phrase "indoor greenhouse ". I built a large greenhouse indoors 😁 used it for my tropicals.. been looking into building a small terrarium the size of a small tank using real plants too🤗

  5. Hi! So, this video is 4 months old, but hopefully you're still checking comments. I was SO happy to find this video because I have been wanting to do something like this for so long! But, I clicked the link to the actual greenhouse and it's sold out =( How's it working for you 4 months later? Amazon offers suggestions for comparable products, but this one looks so perfect… Anyway, thanks for sharing sure a great tutorial, and I love your enthusiasm!

  6. Hah I used to watch your videos on reptiles from when you were that young. I came to look for a greenhouse for a possible future kumquat tree and found you again. 😉

  7. Oh men that's amazing ❤
    I got so many questions 😅
    Is it a ficus pumilla il the back corner?( and if it is, how does it have so smalls leaves?)
    The stand where all your tanks are, look amazing, do you have a video on making it ?

  8. Awesome job 👊🏾 I have one of those greenhouses I love how you installed the lights and silver backing oh and those trays made all the difference. Thanks for sharing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  9. I grow orchids, rainforest plants & miniature plants for my miniature spiders enclosure from plants hunting from the roadside or forest near my area.

  10. Someone buys a plant from Amazon. The price is still very low, you get a cut of it, amazon still takes a huge cut of it…. Hmm…. Wonder how they keep their prices low then….. 🙄
    Really wish more people gave more thought to these giant corporations and how they can keep costs low (hint: because they take advantage of their suppliers and workers) and maybe just try supporting local businesses….. And people wonder why the economy isn't working for the working class…. You're letting it happen 🙁

  11. Hi Dayyan, love it!! I have a houseplant channel, and recent set up my own first vivarium…and your videos were an instrumental resource for the know how. 😊😊 I love that reptile/amphibian keepers and plant keepers are crossing paths. There is so much knowledge to be shared amongst us. Keep up the great work, love your channel! 🦎🌱


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