How The Earth's Climate Works and the Greenhouse Effect

How The Earth's Climate Works and the Greenhouse Effect

A scientifically correct educational animation of how the Earth’s climate functions.
We learn how the Greenhouse Effect works.
The animation demonstrates how global warming happens.
Ideal for ages 9 years and upwards.

The Solar System
Goldilocks Planet
Greenhouse Effect
Climate Circulation
How Seasons Work

Created by The Energy Agency 2015
Written by Stephen Brindley
Narrated by Amelia Jones
Directed by: Seth Gardner
Created by RedSnappa




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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. The Greenhouse Gases are: Water Vapor, Sulfur-dioxide, Nitrous-dioxide, Carbon-dioxide, Ozone, Methane, and the Cloroflorocarbons.
    A. Clouds, which are made of water vapor, cool the Earth, and
    B. Sulfur Dioxide from volcanos also cool the Earth.

    THEN, how does Carbon-dioxide, Methane, Nitrous-dioxide, and Chlorofluorocarbons behave differently from Water Vapor and Sulfur Dioxide which cool the Earth?

  2. Extreme over simification of a very complex system. So 1 part in 10,000 is going to cause mayhem so why didn't it wipe us out when concentrations were multiplies of what they are now e.g. 2000 ppm up to 7000 ppm. Just more BS from the nut cases

  3. There is another instrument that can measure the spectra and energy (temperature) of the infrared atmosphere, the Raman Spectrometer. Raman spectrometers can measure the Co2 output and the Keeling curve and, importantly, the IR absorption behaviour of N2 and O2. Yes, they absorb IR. I have uncovered there has been a systematic error; it is the instruments that are special not the gases. Read my working papers. I am to conduct an experiment using the Raman spectrometer on N2 and O2 and am going to try and publish, feel free to help. 'Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory' and 'The Greenhouse Gases and Infrared Radiation Misconceived by Thermoelectric Transducers'

  4. Begins great and ends up in stupidity. No correlation to how the different gases works or how much of the warm energy in IR 14 um to 16 um is taken by water-vapor already, and how little co2 can change that.

  5. A lot of lies in this clip. BTW no temperature increase since 1997. CO2 cannot change temperature. The world is doing just fine. I studied meteorology. Stop scaring the children. Kids, don't be afraid, there is nothing wrong with the planet.

  6. The ‘greenhouse effect’ is all about Infrared Radiation (IR), the ‘heat’ that results from sunlight striking the surface of the planet. As the heat (IR) radiates away from the surface, it interacts with the larger molecules present in the atmosphere: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, et al — but not nitrogen, oxygen or argon. This interaction delays the escape of IR out into space causing some heat retention. To help visualize this, watch the following repetitive five second clip:‬
    ‪Search: ‬
    ‪‘samslair blogspot AGW’‬
    ‪‘doable drawdown solutions’‬‬

    OR, if you’re ‘weary of worry’, watch:
    “Inner Worlds-Outer Worlds” Movie:

    Inner Worlds-Outer Worlds’ complete ‘AwakenTheWorld’ series:

    ‘samslair blogspot inner worlds’

  7. Maybe some of you eco people could explain to me how carbon dioxide CO2, a heavier than air gas, can take on the properties of hydrogen and rise 70-105K feet above the planets surface.



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