Greenhouse update: Progress & Problems

Greenhouse update: Progress & Problems

A quick February Update regarding progress of Winter plants and a problem that has come up with our viewing window on the Pond.

Greenhouse Kit: Greenhouse in the Snow (Alliance, NE)
Blowers, Fans, Shade Cloth: Greenhouse Megastore
Tropical Plants and Trees: Top Tropicals, Four Winds Growers, Fast Growing Trees

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. We're in Northern Montana and thinking of doing the same kit.
    Are you able to harvest enough veggies to feed your family? e.g. are you "store independent"?

  2. A question for you:
    I am in the process (still) of running electricity out to where my greenhouse will be but I have no idea how much electricity I will need to run all the systems. Although I am planning about 200 sqft, I am going to need prety much all of the same things you have. Perhaps a little less as I will not have an anti-room. How many amps are you drawing for yours?

  3. Very inspirational videos on your greenhouse. How cold does it gets in winter where you are?
    This is just a tip/wish/suggestion but can you make a playlist with all the clips/updates regarding just the greenhouse?

  4. Hello, I thought I had posted a message on one of you videos but can't find it for some reason. I am about 85% finished with construction of my own GHITS from Russ in Alliance. I'm currently installing electric and insulating the end walls. Wonder if there is a way we might connect via phone for a couple questions regarding some of the things you are doing…the temp sensors you use, foam board around the perimeter outside, things you'd do differently in hindsight, etc. If you are willing would you connect with us at Veterans Homestead Project on Facebook via a private message to share phone numbers or email?

  5. I asked on another vid, but prob better here:

    1. What are temps on coldest night (inside greenhouse)
    2. Total cost to build, and to operate?

    Im not too far from you actually.

  6. Thanks for sharing! In one of your upcoming videos, can you address pollinators/pollination? You mentioned in an earlier video that you purchased bees and the little bee house. How is that going?

  7. I'm very impressed. I would already have a hammock installed if it were my greenhouse. What a great way to beat the winter. It will be interesting to see how well it cools in the summer. I think it will be ok.
    I read somewhere that they have sold about 200 of these kits. I would love to see what others have done with this style setup but the web site for "Greenhouse in the Snow" is useless. They should have some links to their projects.

  8. Cool that subscription list is growing too. Good job!!! More updates and diversity in topics around development of sustainability practices may be helpful. God Bless you for sharing your journey.

  9. I am located in Spanish Fork. I have been saving up to build my own greenhouse of this variety. I would appreciate a tour of one in our climate, if you are willing. Thank you for the virtual tours, they are very helpful as we plan.

  10. Looks good to me! I need to watch all your vids. Gonna do something like this myself. Retired now and older so I only want to build it once. Been researching greenhouses for years and I think this design is best. Thank you for sharing.👍


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