Greenhouse update (Nov). Insulation, geothermal heating and cooling, and more

Greenhouse update (Nov).  Insulation, geothermal heating and cooling, and more

This is a Greenhouse we are building in Springville, Utah. We purchased a Kit from Greenhouse in the Snow and have added various fans, vents and shade cloth from Its November and we are gearing up for cold weather. Insulation and electrical are finished. Geothermal is almost finished. Sneak peak of our Aquaponics. Lots more coming.


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I would love to know what the noise level is when the fans blow. I saw a video of the original Greenhouse in the snow and am very impressed with the system. I would love to live in a Greenhouse that could maintain a fairly constant temperature.

  2. God bless you all. The Gospel is 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesian 1:13, 2:8-9, Roman 3:23-26. Without blood there is no life and without Jesus BLOOD no eternal life.🕊️🎺🕊️

  3. nice design! I have watched an old man's similar passive greenhouse design, which uses geothermal heating and cooling. is there any online guidebooks on how to install and use the geothermal heating and cooling system in relation to the greenhouse? thanks

  4. Very nice job! Love the Greenhouse in the snow videos and what he has done with his greenhouse, cool to see others following and incorporating their own ideas. If I ever get out of the suburbs and buy a few acres, I would love to do something similar. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Would love to see your pipes layout in your yard i am a bit confused about the pipes in west , in the vaccum room .and about the exhaust outside what's its purpose and how is it connected?

  6. Very nice a little complicated but complicated good when you're gardening if you know what you doing huh but yeah I like it looks like you're doing a great job I'm making one myself a lot smaller but same principles

  7. Question for you: My understanding of these kits was that the back wall was reflective metal for the purpose of reflecting more sunlight down onto the plants. Have you seen any impact from covering that with foam?

  8. I'm really happy to see this video! I'm about to move back to Indiana from California, and plan to stop in Alliance to see Russ's Greenhouse in the Snow in person. I can't afford to build one at this time, but I love living vicariously through people like you who are doing it! Thanks for posting!

  9. If I recall Russ’s back wall is not insulated. I see yours is. I have often wondered how his kits would benefit from spray foam. Will be interesting to see how you make out this year.

  10. Very cool! I haven't seen very many people post videos of their kits built. Russ truly has developed quite the system. It's on my list to go take a tour and see it in person. What will you be growing in this space? Do you have any kind of backup in case the electricity shuts off? That's my biggest worry. It gets to -35 here for weeks at a time. Having the power go out in winter could potentially kill all the plants. I would be curious what your electricity costs run with the greenhouse in full swing. Thanks for posting




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