Greenhouse Shader Trailer

Greenhouse Shader Trailer

Professional greenhouse shading system to avoid solar stress and sun damage on crops in your greenhouses.
Greenhouses are becoming very important in agricultural productions because of increasing populations and rapid consumption needs about feeding, energy and time saving, and the other important reasons. However, because of global warming, air pollution, climate change and ozone layer depletion, damages of solar stress and sun burnings on crops can reach serious levels and affect yields, productions, costs and food needs of the world populations. Thereby greenhouses become very important trend for the governments, farmers and producers now.

Why solar stress and sun damage are important for our productions especially in greenhouses?

Sunlight is one of the key sources of living bodies but when exposed to more than the necessary amount, it creates the following problems for crops;
– UV & IR lights and high temperature in green house
– Slowdown of photosynthesis
– High transpiration, water and energy losses
– As a result yield and quality loss
– Create difficult environment for worker
– Under stress conditions high light damages chloroplasts

Can we protect our crops against solar stress and sun damage in greenhouses, and get more yields?

One of the key products of DOGAL AS is a shading screen for greenhouses, GREENHOUSE SHADER. The product decreases the temperature inside greenhouses and protects plants from sunlight damage. Some benefits of GREENHOUSE SHADER are;
– 6 lt package gives customer logistics & handling advantage.
– One bucket – 6 lt is to be dissolved in 100 – 120 lt water and applied to 1000 m2 surface area which will provide ~50% of shade under normal conditions.
– No need an additional solvent to clean – no additional cost. Easy wash and clean after season with water and brush.
– Not dependent on the crop inside the greenhouse – can be used with all kinds of culture,
– Shade density is adjustable for optimum photosynthesis temperature at any climate.
– Decreases transpiration and water loss,
– Easy to apply. Can be applied with all types of sprayers, machine and helicopter/airplane without giving any damage to any part,
– No adverse effect on plastic, glass, other parts and putty of greenhouse,
– Extends the life of greenhouse materials
– Better working environment in the greenhouse for worker
– Long lasting – Not easy rain wash, heavy rain may wash 40-50%,
– Saves re-treatment cost and work.


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