GREENHOUSE IN JANUARY, harvesting; sowing

GREENHOUSE IN JANUARY, harvesting & sowing

In this video you can see what we’re growing in our greenhouse during the colder months of the year, for a varied harvest throughout the winter. I am also sowing seeds for an extra early harvest in spring.

Plants mentioned;
mustard greens
belgian endive
bunching onion

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Always enjoy watching your videos. Here we've also got parsley in the green house and mache or lamb's ear lettuce, a favourite. I built a small hoop last year and am growing different winter hardy lettuces plus tatsoi and bok choi, unfortunately the slugs, probably because of milder winters, are active during winter as well and would demolish those crops if I had them in the ground. Might try sowing some carrots hidden in between the broad sown lamb's ears, the slugs don't seem to go in into that bed.

  2. Our tatsoi is going to seed too, similar time as last year. What variety of pak choi is that? I really like mizuna as a winter crop, it grows very quickly.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful insight. Do you make a trench around your lettuces to prevent mould? As I was watching I had this idea to do a trench later after the lettuces had enough time to root in. That would help to keep moisture around the roots in late summer.

  4. Thank you for the video! I'm doing some winter sowing this year in my little unheated plastic greenhouse. I started a couple of weeks ago with brassicas, peas, leeks, onions, flowers and salads, but am now sprouting tomato and pepper seeds indoors with a heat mat. I plan to plant them out in wall-o-waters to keep them insulated from the cold whenever they are big enough, which has worked for me in the past in zone 8a. I'm moving to zone 7a in a month or so though, so hopefully it will still work. I forgot all about fennel, I'd better add it to my list of seeds to sow!

  5. im doing my first over winter crops of garlic onions and beans and i see then sprouting today as i planted even more garlic lol also followed a video on planting sweatpeas now and they are growing too

  6. Great to see just what can be grown in winter.
    I've just sown some Allium fistulosum (Welsh or Japanese bunching onions) which are perennial and produce a small bulb. I hope they grow as well as you 'perennial' spring onions.

  7. I wish I could have a greenhouse. I use instead greenhouse plastic over my raised beds. I grew collards, kale, boo choi, savoy, and brussel sprouts. Like you, I should have started this the plants earlier. They didn't go into the ground until September, but they are doing beautiful and taste awesome. I didn't get the size on the kale and collards but the taste was still awesome. Very sweet and tender.


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