Greenhouse Cooling in hot Weather/ Tips and Tricks to cool my Greenhouse this Summer

Greenhouse Cooling in hot Weather/ Tips and Tricks to cool my Greenhouse this Summer

Greenhouse Cooling in hot Weather/ Tips and Tricks to cool my Greenhouse this Summer

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  1. Wait so the AC alone isn't enough to keep it cool? I'm looking into a getting a small cheap window AC for a starter greenhouse because it gets too hot to cool with fans and ventilation alone.

  2. The only problem in this Greenhouse, is the violation of laws of PHYSICS, The hot air goes up.
    The cool air goes down. You must place the fans on the FLOOR, facing up, so cool air is directed
    upwards to the roof. (preferably at 45 degree angle). So the air travels a longer distance to reach the roof. The same principle applies to the foggers and misters in order to spread the water
    farther in front of the fans. Also optional, are openings at the bottom of the walls with screen covering to keep pest and insects from entering, but let cooler air to CROSS VENTILATE and circulate inside the greenhouse. The A/C unit can stay on top, so cooler air is blown close to the roof then it falls down carrying with it cooled air. New York, 07/28/2020

  3. It seems that YOU are in Europe, since you are using the celsius as a temp measurement, so perhaps I haven't already commented on your greenhouse video in the past as I had thought that I had. I LOVE your plants and your greenhouse setup, BUT, I could NEVER do all of that, my mom and brother (whom I live with and share expenses) would totally freak out IF I were to use too much electricity in a greenhouse. I have 1 vent in my 12X8 greenhouse PLUS a window on the door is able to open. I will be using a home type floor fan as added air circulation, I really should be using it now to help get rid of the heat, I just have tried to avoid using much electricity. My GH is about 15-20 degrees F hotter than outside temps BUT at NIGHT when it gets pretty cold it is a GOOD thing. I do HOPE that in winter it stays warmer, BUT, I am NOT going to think it REALLY will be that way. I do have "shade cloth" that I could use in warmer weather, I will just have to sow together 2 sections so that it is long enough to simply slide it over a section of the roof. My GH roof is a "pitched roof" or IOW, it is NOT a flat roof. I do have some "desert plants" in it that have done GREAT, they of course don't need much humidity and water, just a lot of sun, so they are easy to keep happy. They are also mostly zone 5a and 6a hardy, I just don't grow them in my yard because we have been getting SO much rain over MOST of the spring and summer, NOW since it is fall now, I must say that we have had some time with sparse rain, BUT, we have recently gotten some good rain.

  4. I am wondering what USDA hardiness zone you are in, I see a Spruce in the distance in your yard, so, you must be at the warmest a zone 7a? I am pretty sure that a spruce will NOT do well in anything warmer than a zone 7a maybe 7b tops. I THINK I have already commented on this video before, BUT< I can't see my comment here without perhaps viewing ALL of the comments, so, IF I already asked all this I am sorry, BUT, anyhow, I LOVE your greenhouse full of tropical and semi tropical plants. I have just got my first greenhouse this summer and I have had a good bit of trouble with it being so much hotter than the outside temps. I DO hope it is like that in the worst of winter lows, BUT, surely it will NOT work that way. I am in zone 6a myself, I have a "Windmill palm" it is potted and I am going to try to keep it alive and well in my greenhouse this winter, THAT will be my "semi tender plant" that I will be babying in my greenhouse, just to see IF I can overwinter a kinda tender plant in my new GH.

    I see that YOU have a shelter inside your shelter, meaning a mini greenhouse inside your greenhouse. I also have a small mini greenhouse that I will be putting that potted "Windmill palm" inside of. Mine is NOT a multi shelf unit, BUT, it is a 2 foot by 4 foot enclosure that is about 3 feet tall, it is more wide than tall. I am going to wrap christmas lights around the palm, the ones that are NOT LED lights, BUT, the kind that gives off a bit of heat. I will also be wrapping the trunk of that Windmill palm in burlap. I will try and keep track of the temps with an electric temp gauge that you can see from inside your house, an indoor/outdoor temp unit that you can get at any home store, I got mine at Lowes. I am expecting success at overwintering the "Windmill palm" since it is zone 7b hardy when young like mine is and after it gets some size to it definitely zone 7a or even 6b. I will also be overwintering some Live oaks I will grow from acorns sent to me from 2 different sources. I will be growing "Quercus Fusiformis" the Quartz mountain Live oaks. The MOST hardy type of Live oak tree I have a Quartz mountain LIve oak that is the "Quartz mountain" strain or whatever you want to call it, I have one here in my Zone 6a yard, BUT< I had received one that was 4 feet tall and had a trunk circumference of about an inch and a half from a guy in Missourri. I also have a regular "Quercus Fusiformis" that has died back to ground level for about 4 -5 years now that has NOW gotten a trunk girth of a half inch and I am HOPING that it will NOT die back to soil level again. I have put a"pool noodle" around it's trunk (main stem) to hopefully help it NOT die back and perhaps it would grow a thicker trunk and I will have a nice Live oak, BTW, the Quercus Fusiformis "Texas LIve oak tree" is hardy up to zone 5a or 5b once the tree has a big enough trunk. I KNOW, you may have NO interest in growing a Live oak at ALL, I just figured maybe you'd be interested. I have yet to see your whole video, I just LOVE your "spanish moss" and the orchids.

  5. Hi Brad, 2 questions. what is the brand/make of the thermometer/thermostat combo that you use? Second, when the fan kicks on, how does the vent open? Is it opened by the push of the air flow from the fan or does it open and shut in another way? If so, what controls it? thanks very much.

  6. Hi Brad and community, I live in Miami, FL and bought a greenhouse thinking it would be the best option. Well i'm a newby so they all burned on the very first day. Now, I purchased a shade tarp that i wrapped over the greenhouse and took off the door for more ventilation. However, anyone here from Miami that can help me on what to do??? It's only a 6×8 greenhouse and i'd like to have all my orchids in there without burning… If anyone here lives in Miami and can help with pointers, please reply… Thank you

  7. unfortunately the refrigerated ac will take the moisture out of the air, that is probably why it does not seem to be working. Your misters are working against the ac. Evaporative coolers are the only means to cool down a humid environment. I use one that rolls around with a water reservoir built in it. $169 bucks at Lowes. Hope this helps.


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