GREENHOUSE CONTROL SYSTEMS – how I automate the environment

GREENHOUSE CONTROL SYSTEMS - how I automate the environment

GREENHOUSE CONTROL SYSTEMS – how I automate the environment

Today we discuss how to create a tropical environment in a greenhouse in the UK. We look at greenhouse heating and how it’s controlled; we discuss greenhouse ventilation and how that can be automated; we look at a low-cost temperature controller; controllers for fans and lighting; we discuss auto louvres for windows; we look at shading, water and electricity supply; we discuss the hydro-fogger humidifier and the humidistat; finally, we look at propagators.

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To help both my ‘viewers and subscribers’ further, and also to offset the substantial costs of growing tropical plants in a temperate climate, I offer a bespoke online consultation service. Here are the service details:

1. For a fixed fee (email for details: I will provide an hour of my time via a zoom call.
2. I’m not pretending to know all there is to know, but I can offer the value of my growing experience for anyone who wants help either setting up a greenhouse/grow-room, with plants we both grow, or anything relating to the video content and the plants.
3. The hour can be used all at once, or split into chunks of your choosing.
4. You can book any number of hours that you need and pay for each one via Paypal at the end of each session.

Subscribers will know that I’m very open about not knowing everything, but I answer every video comment to the best of my ability and if I don’t know the answer then I do my best to find out. Two heads are better than one!

0:00 GREENHOUSE CONTROL SYSTEMS – how I automate the environment: INTRO
1:06 How to provide ventilation and air movement in a tropical greenhouse
5:19 Which greenhouse heater should I buy?
6:03 How do you control the heat in a greenhouse?
11:26 How do work out greenhouse heating costs?
14:18 How do you control the humidity in a greenhouse?
19:00 Can you get automatic openers for greenhouse louvre windows?
24:20 Using a hydrofogger to control the humidity in a greenhouse

(When available, I use affiliate links and may earn a small commission, but these are all products I’ve used and been reasonably happy with.)

*** GEAR I USE ***

1.5m wide, triple laminated, UV resistant bubble wrap with 25mm bubbles:
PVC Strip Insulation curtain:
UV and weather resistant clear tape:
Bulldog clips – pack of 10:
1 way single socket extension 5 metre cable:
Thermal insulated door curtain:
Greenhouse heater 2KW:
Power meter:
‘Analogue’ electrical timers:
12 inch fan (3 speeds):
Brush draft excluder for doors:
Greenhouse shading (55% shade):
Powerful 18 inch floor fan (3 speeds):
Foam draft excluder (for around windows):
Outside Tap Pipe heating cable:
Orchid wax tubes for Autovent openers:

Mars hydro TS 1000 grow light:
Mars Hydro TS 600 grow light:

Inkbird Humidity Controller:
Inkbird Temperature Controller:
Technoline mobile temperature monitor (sends alerts to your phone):
Teckin Smart plugs (2 pack):

Moisture meter:
Downpipe guttering for greenhouses:
Double-set rainwater collection barrels:

500 ml Neem Oil:
7 whitefly traps:
Vine weevil killer:
Systemic insect spray:
Organic slug & snail pellets:

Black gravel trays (no holes) 344 x 214 x 52mm:
Precision pruners:
New Zealand long-fibred Sphagnum Moss:
Clear fishing line (for mounting):
Plant fertiliser sticks:
Liquid calcium (for orchid feed):

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