Geothermal Greenhouse Update – Climate Battery Upgrade – New Fan Idea – Peas Are Popping

Geothermal Greenhouse Update - Climate Battery Upgrade - New Fan Idea - Peas Are Popping

At 3Canyons Permaculture farm – Oppenheimer Ranch Project
we have designed our own revolutionary greenhouses that utilize passive and active solar technology via what some call the “climate battery”—a subterranean air-circulation system that takes the hot, moist, ambient air from the greenhouse during the day, stores it in the soil, and discharges it at night—that can offer tropical and Mediterranean climates at similarly high altitudes and in cold climates (and everywhere else). BOOM!

Zephyr Industries Powervent 12V Battery Box Ventilation
The 12V Power Vent battery box ventilation fan provides positive ventilation of hydrogen gas produced during charging of your battery bank. Available from altE.

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The BEST greenhouse covering available! Read the science behind Solexx. Solexx is a unique twin-wall greenhouse covering material specially formulated by Adaptive Plastics, Inc, manufacturer of Solexx Greenhouses. When it comes to greenhouse plastic, Solexx greenhouse panels surpass other covering choices in insulation, light quality and longevity. You’ll save money with healthier plants and lower energy bills.

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Geothermal Greenhouse Update – Solexx Glazing Install – Foundation Fasteners – Join Us

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I appreciate your content and ideas… I'm really hoping you can either find someone to help you film or make adjustments to how you use your camera… Your movements are very fast and you don't pause on anything long enough to really see whats happening. Your ideas seem really compelling, lets hope you can adjust your filming style so we can enjoy and learn more!

  2. Hi, i was wondering about security, will you be able to prevent others stealing your growing produce if shtf? Thanks

  3. please look into this new way of growing – This is awesome and will also prevent some common issues we all have growing food. Check Janet in AL – Her channel is Farmer Brown's Paradise Her info on this channel is amazing, you guys should get together and teach everyone about it. This can also be applied /combined with a green house or high tunnel to extend seasons or if weather will go crazy wetter,hotter or anything in between..

  4. We need an alt to YT where we can post pics in comments like on FB. Diamond you just need a 12v voltage regulator to protect those fans. Also they sound like the bearings are shot. Supposed to be "whisper fans" lol. My solar batteries are keeping the gh warm during our current 20F nights here.

  5. Dude, I know it's your point but holy cow are you ever inspiring me. Depression often gets the better of me but you spark motivation in me I haven't felt for awhile. Putting on my mom goggles and starting to prep! Thank you.

  6. Great work! I would love to setup something like it soon if possible. I do already have a couple of years of experience growing indoors with lamps, dirt and humidifiers. I also used little 12 volt PC fans for air circulation.

    I'm sure you will not fry your fans if you use a 12 Volt 1,5 watt adapter aswell. They will fry also when air humidity is to high for a while because the copper parts in the motor will start corroding. Fan speeds can be automatically regulated when using thermostats and hygrostats (which are hell expensive) with fan speed regulators if you do not want to be baby sitting your setup all the time.

    Because of the cold outside and the heat and high air humidity inside droplets of water will form which will grow fungus in your setup. Insects will find your setup which is bad aswell for mostly seedlings.

    I did already made a remark about PVC in your setup and other building materials in the setup which will off gass toxic gasses which will harm your crops. I see glued wood plate and purfoam. This also is bad material.

    Thanks for your videos and broadcasts this all really got my attention.

  7. I bet it feels awesome in there dude, can't wait to build our own. My father an I are picking a spot out an starting asap but definitely going with this design. Kick ass info as always diamond

  8. Nice new fans. As for the cheaper computer fans. were you running a regulator? or just a straight connection? i have fans that have been going nonstop for years. still an option for people working on a budget

  9. You need a charger and a small battery. A straight line from a panel will give it too much voltage. The charger is for panels 12 or 24 or whatever you want. A battery will give you steady voltage. thanks

  10. How bitchin'!! " I want one, I want the golden ticket now daddy!" How deep did you sink the pipe for the geothermal? What kind of ventilation if any would be needed or is it all controlled with the fans as well?

  11. Very nice Greenhouse. Ordered Purple Tomato Seeds, and bought Purple potatoes. Planted purple broccoli.
    Seed propagating and saving priority. Thanks for the Information .


Greenhouse update: Progress & Problems

Greenhouse update: Progress & Problems

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