Gardening; Greenhouse Ideas for Mountain Elevations

Gardening & Greenhouse Ideas for Mountain Elevations

Often people wonder what you can grown in a climate that has short summer and long cold winters. Talk about zone 3 or Zone 4 gardening! We’ve been experimenting and have been successful with a few things but are excited to do more. This summer we are prepping for raised garden beds but also considering a longer term growing solution- a domed greenhouse!

Here’s the company we’re looking at:
Growing Spaces


Colorado Mountain Living


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. If you don't build your own … Would highly recommend a Grandio greenhouse. Have had one for 6 years. Now ordering a second one. They have 10mm twin-wall panels that hold up well to CO snow, hail and wind without a single problem.

  2. Food for thought: consider a DIY rectangular passive solar greenhouse, where the northen part also functions as a retaining wall, and can act as thermal mass that evens out the wild temperature swings that need to be handled. Make sure you have a vertical oriented line of windows on the lowest level on the southfacing side for an uncompromised clear view from your hottub eye level. A geodesic shape will probably need a lot of your not so abundant flat surface. Stay safe, best wishes, greetings from Holland

  3. Hi Guys: Thoughts from the old guy. As it takes 100 square feet of bed space per person to grow the vegetables on a year round basis. I would not suggest the dome for you as it would take a mid sized one; if you want a seating area. You would need the 26' dome about 500 sq. ft.; 200 sq. ft. vegetable beds, 150 sq. ft. containers for fruit trees, grapes, kiwi, and other climbers; 150 sq. ft. for a table with 4 chairs, wood heater, bench with sink, etc. With major heat loss and no solar gain on the north half during the winter.
    Alternatively: Use the SE facing slope in front of the house. With 3- 12' terraces and a 4' retaining wall. A 2' high by 2' deep planter in front of the wall will reduce the rise above the planter to 2'. This planter would contain the dwarf fruit trees ( 7' tall ), esplanade trees, vines, etc. It is open backed reducing the retaining wall to the 2' above the planter to the next terrace. 12' PT 4×4 posts 6' on center to the glazed roof beams will create a 12:12 pitch for the snow to slide off. These posts are from the terrace level, 2' in the planter box, 2' above the box; then 2' part of the frame for the 4'x7' planter box on the next level.
    In plan view the terrace would have 4'x7' planter bed with 2' between them. A planter wall 3' from the front will create a 16" x 4' key hole to work the beds from. The corners will align with the 12' post and be attached to them. A 36'4" unit will have 220 sq.' in the front bed and 72 sq.' in the back bed less stairs between levels, wood heater, benches etc.
    the old guy Bert

  4. There are cheaper alternatives to the domes and they are possibly more efficient. Check out Ana White's DIY greenhouse plans … She lives in Alaska so … Just because it says"greenhouse" doesn't mean best option… You have time to investigate…. Good luck.

  5. Interesting idea,, but crazy expensive,, you could build your own for a fraction of the price…,typical 4 wall with gable roof,,..wrapped poly sheeting..or to start you could make cold frames on raise beds ,,2x 's boxed with plexi-glass hinged door lids ,, styles have been used in Alaska and other cold climates for many years… near nothing costs………but maybe you found Fenn's gold and can afford it……

  6. I've used moth balls in the boxes, take one at a time and spread all around the area and it woks for bear around the bees too . Your garden will smell but don't put to close to plants. After the first rain ,The smell will wilt into the ground. Then if they work for you, then you can buy more and try them. It's better to have veggie that not, also they repel mice. But don't take my word for it : try you might be surprised!

  7. Glad to see you're planning for your garden. You'll get a lot of enjoyment from it. If you haven't already done so, this would be a good time to install underground water lines and hydrants in convenient places for the garden and greenhouse. You might also want to consider bringing power into the greenhouse for grow lights and heat. But that depends on how much insulation the shell provides. I've become an expert on controlling voles and gophers and I don't wish them on anyone. It's a pain. And when you have a flower you like, it's good to collect seeds from it, since buying them gets expensive. Good luck on your projects and I look forward to following them.

  8. They are using this for chickens BUT skip the chicken wire and use clear plastic and you would have a great green house. Connect the ends at the top with a 2×4 or 4×4 to give extra support for snow, Cost would be under $200. You could also make this 10, 12 or 16 with ease. Due to your wind use heavy/thick plastic and run strapping over the top to hold the plastic in place

  9. yesterday i just finished building another greenhouse this one is 40x12x10 roof covered with suntuf brand polycarbonate panels. uv stabilized 10yr warranty they come 12ft long 4ft wide $90 each the structure is 2×4 stick frame on treated 4×4 posts whole project about $2100. yesterday northern mn it was 65.6*f outside 89*f inside and that's with the roof vents 1/3rd open so i'll need more ventilation. for raised beds inside greenhouse i cut up 55 gallon plastic drums lengthwise

  10. Have you considered putting a glazed area attached to the phase 2 basement. As well as a green house you would get passive solar gain so reducing your heating bills.

    Went walking along the top of the cliffs today picked a few wild greens for salad. I walked pass two police officers in an iron age fort, not sure what they made of me picking stuff. It was nice and sunny but there was haze over the sea I could only see 30 miles.

  11. Idea: Watch Lumah Acres on YouTube, the're in Norther NH and are in the process of putting-up a large green house and sounds like have the same strength needs you may have.


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