DIY – How I built the Plus4Zones greenhouse, the Sun Terrace and other unheated greenhouses

DIY - How I built the Plus4Zones greenhouse, the Sun Terrace and other unheated greenhouses

The construction of an unheated greenhouse that enhances the local climate zone by 4 zones, of a sun terrace with grapevines, and of other unheated greenhouses…




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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Hello Dan,cannot express enough my appreciation and admiration for your determination and passion you displayed over the years that you toiled to finally reap the fruits of your labour,so to speak..I am originally from Guyana where it is hot and humid all year but I would very much like to grow strawberries and some other fruits and vegetables that are are grown in a temperate region.Do you think it is practical and or feasible?. I do realize your knowledge is derived from your experience in the cold climate but I couldn’t resist the temptation to pick your brain since you are such a genius in my mind.Thank you so very much also for the effort you took to document and record this endeavor.

  2. Very inspiring! In our part of the world, scandinavia, we live in a milder zone than where you are. I know these things are possible, even without a heat source but your explanations and examples are perfectly clear. To convert an old stable with all the work you did…. major impressive. But how will you ever keep your trees short enough to keep fitting under the roof? Even our cherries with slow growing base begin to grow over our heads. Does such pruning not become unnatural, how do the trees take to it when they got cut down so heavily? The best idea; hugel-like beds that function like walls, with shelves to grow veggies. Very intricate and it looked great! Will definitely keep that one in mind when I start trying to grow artichokes through the winter here. Thank you.

  3. I’m in awe of your ‘nutty’ persistence. Have you thought of pushing the envelope and try tropical? Your skills are beyond DYI. I wondered if you could publish some of your diy skills during your journey

  4. Really interesting video, with impressive results! I'd love to replicate your success, my climate (similar to yours) is a bit outside what would be considered safe for apricots and cherries. I have space but not an old barn– do you have any suggestions on how to build a structure that would be effective? (from a cost and growing perspective!)

  5. Bravo! C'est vraiment inspirant et donne de l'espoir. Je demeure dans les Laurentides et jamais j'aurais cru qu'un tel projet marcherait. Merci et bon courage!

  6. This was a lovely and informative video. Thank you very much! I live in a zone 3 climate here in Canada, and I would love to build a small, one story "sun house". I found this video called the "4 garden atrium way, Poquoson" ( Do you think an atrium idea like this could work in zone 3/4? I’m trying to think about it sustainability and affordability, and what things could be done to make it more efficient. Thanks for experimenting in our cold climate. Sometimes I consider moving just to get out of the cold, but then I remember how lovely Canada is.

  7. Merci pour ce partage fort instructif! Avec le mixe de plante à l'intérieur, est-ce qu'il y a nécessité de contrôle d'insectes nuisibles ou maladie 
    sur vos plants ou arbres? Je viens de voir votre réponse plus bas! Donc seulement un mélange d'eau/huile/savon suffit à traiter ?

  8. Thank you for your knowledge . And thank you for sharing it on one of my homesteading groups. I am in zone 5 and grow most of my vegetables I have a small greenhouse .

  9. Thank you for this fantastic video, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching one as much! Everything about your journey is impressive. We have a miniature greenhouse for winterizing a lemon tree and various potted plants which might not survive a couple of frosty days in Atlanta so I can’t wait to share this with my husband(who attended Poly Tech in Bucharest as well, class of ‘80) and see how we can learn and adapt to what we have.

  10. A wholehearted THANK YOU from southern Kazakhstan (estimated zone 6a)! There is a reason for everything in life and the fact that I came across your video at the point in my life when I am turning from veggies to fruit trees is not coincidental. I've learned so much from you and saw some similarities in experience (my husband also built a "tunnel" out of wood (he used 1 cm by 5 cm planks and we also have an attached greenhouse on the south side of our house). May God Bless You!

  11. Thank you for sharing; I have two skeleton greenhouses that I have wanted to rehab to do just what you have done. Next year will be the test! I am in Zone 8-9 so our winters are mild compared to what you have.

  12. Hi, I'm currently studying horticulture in Mirabel on the North shore of Montreal, one of my teacher sent me your video, I found it really inspiring and I would very much like to talk to you about a possible presentation at our student discussion group.
    Thank you.
    Nicolas Bergeron.
    Here is my gmail

  13. This wonderful mountain of knowledge that you have so graciously shared with everyone has given me the encouragement necessary to attempt the same for my family. Thank you is so understated.


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