DIY Heated Cold Frame or Greenhouse $0!!! | Canadian Climate | Renter Friendly

DIY Heated Cold Frame or Greenhouse $0!!! | Canadian Climate | Renter Friendly

DIY Heated Cold Frame or Greenhouse | Suitable for the Canadian Climate | Renter Friendly

Best gardening hack ever for when you run out of room for seedlings! A greenhouse or heated cold frame that you can easily DIY in a matter of minutes!

Best part is it costs $0, nothing, nadda and requires no construction! Using items you already have around the house you can whip this together in just a few minutes.

Drop a comment below or tag us in pictures on facebook/instagram if you try this out! We would love to see what you are growing!

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  1. Let me tell you about luffas! They won’t let you transplant them! Kind of like cucumbers! So I’m starting mine earlier in doors again but in a big bucket they can stay in, out doors! Give them lots of room and lots of sun, not near any thing as they take over the world! I’m going to prune mine next year as the big ones didn’t mature! Had thousands of flowers! I got one luffa out of mine that kind of matured! Good luck!

  2. This is awesome, I will check this out for next spring! I’m in zone 6 here in Chatham Kent! I need to start my Luffas for example, earlier to get a good start! Nancy from Canada too! Lol

  3. I have a small greenhouse 10×10 next to my larger greenhouse ( 40×60) filled with compost and 100 feet of black 1in plastic pipe spiraling through the pile. The top in that pile hits 160 degrees in 20 degree weather. The pipe runs into my large greenhouse and runs the perimeter of the entire greenhouse and back to the pile. I also have 10 black water barrels in my greenhouse to use as a heating and release stored warmth at night. I have a board on top as a work area. The last thing is double plastic on the greenhouse with an air gap. A small tiny blower inflates the cavity and blocks out the cold. All 3 of these keep the greenhouse at 70 degrees in 35 degree weather at night. And I have 2 cheap automatic vents that open at 80 degrees to cool the greenhouse down in the middle of winter during the day if needed. Reason why I'm posting this ,is that I had a smaller greenhouse in the city ( 15×15 ) and a smaller 6×6 compost pile heater and it worked fantastic. So its scalable . Fyi black barrels i found at a car wash that was used for 55gal of soap, And they gave them to me for free. I added a 1/4 cup of bleach to each and filled them up.

  4. I was planning on using a couple aquariums heaters in steel pots until I ran across this video! Now I'm using crock pots!I need to keep my rosemary alive in a 6 x 8 greenhouse and think this will work! Thank you so much!


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