Day 27 – DIY Passive Solar Greenhouse build – April 12, 2021

Day 27 - DIY Passive Solar Greenhouse build - April 12, 2021

Day 27 of our DIY passive solar greenhouse build. Today we were working on the exterior wall finish in the wind. Tomorrow we will finish the east wall & start on the interior wall finish & trimming the roof to get ready for embroidery finish. Need to order some custom flashing so we can finish the roof. While we wait for the flashing we will start, & hopefully finish the painting.

Our passive solar greenhouse is an earth sheltered passive solar greenhouse with design characteristics used from both walapani & Chinese passive solar greenhouses. With the use of an insulated north wall, an insulated cover during the nights & a climate battery we are hopeful that our green house will stay above 4C, or 40F, during our coldest winter nights.

We are located in central Alberta in Zone 3. We have an average of 105 frost green days & about 1100 degree growing days. We will be using our greenhouse to extend our growing season, increase the growing degree days during the summer & to grow greens & some veggies during the winter months when the cost of veggies increases & the quality decreases.

Follow along with our progress during the DIY construction of our greenhouse & during the operation in the first months & years. We look forward to sharing our experiences during the process so that others may be able to learn from our experience.


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