Climate Battery Greenhouse and Passive Home in Invermere BC

Climate Battery Greenhouse and Passive Home in Invermere BC

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In this video we will go through Dale Wilkers integrated climate battery passive solar greenhouse which is integral to the function of his passive house. This greenhouse has a subterranean heating and cooling system, solawrap glazing and receives backup heat from his HRV, bathroom fan and dryer vent. If you are looking to design a greenhouse as part of your home, this is a case study worth paying attention to.

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  1. Peaches require a certain number of hours each winter below 7 degrees C / 45F. In this situation you might need a peach variety with a low chill requirement. Summertime shading with a lot of passive ventilation is going to be key to keeping the space from overheating. May your harvests be abundant!

  2. We are hoping to do something similar. Do you have a step by step for the climate battery? We live in s. Michigan so am curious to watch your progress.

  3. This is the stuff that ticks every box for me. Science, engineering and smart design. If you are up north, you need to take advantage of every technological opportunity you can, and maximize passive natural heating, storage and release.

    My friend has a sunken passive solar thermal mass greenhouse that stayed at 12C at -40C outside last winter. I was worried every tree I have would die, and this guy was growing tomatoes. Thermal mass, and being able to turn nighttime insulation crank way up is everything when you are as cold as we get. I will make a video on his setup later this year. Awesome vid, keep it up Rob.


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