California Home Garden GREENHOUSE TOUR WINTER 2021 – Seeding, Propagation, Succulents, my DIY Setup

California Home Garden GREENHOUSE TOUR WINTER 2021 - Seeding, Propagation, Succulents, my DIY Setup

Hi everyone,

Yay, we have a new president! I had worst case scenarios before the election, and I am so relieved that our country is on a path to recovery and healing! Who watched the inauguration and was blown away by Amanda Gorman’s poem? This hit me hard – “Being American is more than a pride we inherit, it’s the past we step into and how we repair it.”

Today’s video is an impromptu tour of my greenhouse in my backyard in the SF Bay California, Zone 9b. I have had this greenhouse for 5 years now? It’s one that I got on sale from for about $380 after shipping and tax. This has been a game changer for me, especially a few years ago when I was doing mass production of vegetables and flowers. At some point in my gardening career, I was seeding thousands of plants for production to provide to gardens and landscape companies. Now I just use it casually.

In this video, I talk about the cool season veggies that I have just stared, the succulents, shrubs and perennials that I’m propagating, and my DIY setup. It doesn’t have to be perfect to work, it just needs to work! Some good tips in here for setting things up.

Have any questions about setting up a small greenhouse or propagating plants? Please feel free to ask below~


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→ My exact greenhouse –
→ My exact IKEA shelves –
→ My exact grow lights –
→ Not exact, but similar fan that I use –
→ Not exact, but similar microsprays –
→ Perlite for succulent propagation –
→ Vermiculite for seed germination –
→ My exact potting soil –

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→YouTube video I was referring to – If you have patience and are detail-oriented, this is a good setup –

→ My best tip for better seed germination – this was a total game changer –
→ Tips for selecting vegetable varieties that will actually do well in your garden –
→ One of the easiest ways to propagate many different plants –
→ My summer 2020 vegetable garden tour –
→ How to thin out seedlings –

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I’m a horticulturist and run a small fine gardening business in the Bay Area of Northern California. My videos are all about ornamental and edible garden care, how-tos, plant identification, and tours of gardens / nurseries / plant catalogs.

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I apologize for any typos in the videos. I’m trying to push out time-sensitive content fast.

I have opinions on things, and it is based off of my own experience gardening in California. Everyone has different ways of approaching gardening. I highly recommend that you learn from many gardeners and decide what works best for you. And please remember that many plants are poisonous, so please do your research before choosing to bring them into your garden or consuming them. Same goes with tools, supplies, gardening techniques, and gardening advice in general.

I give my honest opinions and recommendations in these gardening videos, and this includes gardening related items like books, tools, supplies, seeds, plants, etc. I often have links to websites and products so that you can easily learn more about them. Some of these are affiliate links, and I may earn a commission. This is at no cost to you. It is a small way to show support for my channel and lets me know that what I’m doing is something that is worth making. Thank you to everyone who have been showing support! You guys give me energy and motivfation. Really appreciate you ❤️




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