Automating Your Greenhouse

Automating Your Greenhouse

Ideas on how to automate your greenhouse to save you time and make you more money!

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  1. As the mainstream adopts the raspberry pi and open source projects like OpenCV, we will start to see more automation in harvesting. Keep an eye on kickstarter-like projects if you want to support advancements in this area of robotics.

    Back to OpenCV, it's possible to use computer vision to identify problems and automate solutions. For example, you could train it to identify insect damage, nutrient deficits, water content etc… and adjust water placement/content/frequency accordingly (kind of like operating the knobs at a car wash) Agribusiness already uses satellite imagery for similar purposes on monoculture farms. The cost is currently prohibitive for commodity greenhouse plants but give it 5 to 10 years or a well organized crowd funded campaign and it could be worth the investment.

    For ventilation, there are 0-power systems that use thermal expansion to open vents based on the temperature.


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