9 Ways to Heat a Greenhouse in Winter

9 Ways to Heat a Greenhouse in Winter

9 ways to heat a greenhouse in winter described.

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  1. You could hook up solar panels to the electric heaters, if you also had a battery you could store and release that during the night.

  2. “Solar energy is free” – 🤣 Tell that to my bank!! Great video though, thanks! I’m now considering other options based on your info. Good basic overview 👍

  3. If your green house is close To your home . Dyer out let Can be hooked up to the green house . You can use old tv 📺 screen to use ☀️ shine to use the snow ❄️ to create steam . It’s free and very powerful . You can cook dinner too .

  4. An interesting channel… I have a small greenhouse 6×4 in the south of the UK… So, I usually add insulation (bubble wrap inside) and as a heating source using some tealights or paraffine heater with my DIY terracota pot heater on the top…

  5. very helpful vid, but please adjust your sound level regarding the music. i had to keep my finger hovering over the mute button when you transitioned from speaking to the incredibly loud music as you moved to the next way to heat a greenhouse.

  6. Good ideas! If I add a greenhouse on the south side of my house, I will have to plan it out well before renting an excavator. I may put in pipes below the frost line to get some thermal assistance for winter and summer. I already have a wood stove near it so I think I would run some hot water into the greenhouse (maybe hook it to a passive water system so I get both the benefits of the woodstove and sunlight.

  7. I have a problem with my greenhouse when I leave it in the sun it gets so hot in there and the plants get so stressed I open it it's instantly cold and also If I leave it closed when it's not hot there going to be water and the mold forms on plants it's basically rain in a greenhouse

  8. There is another way to help heat, using huge body/s of water to collect and store the suns energy during the day to help stabilize the temps at night. It also helps warm during a cold day, or any day in winter late fall or early spring, but with the rays shining in the water it is sucking up the energy to release inside the house. Different methods of achieving it, but one method is to allow the sun to shine thru green house and hit the huge body of water in the middle of the house, and have your greens and stuff all around the remaining space, then in summer design it so the plants will grow and cover the body of water shading it from the sun, and this will help cool the house because the body of water is maintaining a cool ground temp. Note: the water pond in the middle of the house needs to be in ground, even past your local freeze line, this way it takes advantage of the stable year round temp of the ground under the frost line in your area. The water will conduct to the same temp as the ground and never freeze, and never get too hot in summer, especially if you allow your plants to grow over the pond in the summer. And in winter, as long as you allow the sun to bake on it and keep your greenhouse over it, it will never freeze up like the outside ponds. Plus you use the water to feed plants, it will be RAIN water, and this keeps the water moving. And also you can have grates to walk over the pond like it is not even there during the summer, but it will be keeping stable temps in your house then too, and you can keep grates on during the winter too, or remove some to get the most amount of sun on the water as possible, just put up hand rails where the open spots are.

  9. The wood is a good choice if you are trying to keep cost down and especially if you have access to free wood. Also the ash from the wood should be added to the soil in the green house this way you get nutrient dense food.

  10. I use large tanks of rain water under the benches heated by a a solar vacuum tube heater drain back heat with a solar powered pump. I live in Canada with -30 c temp at night. I do have propane for emergency in the event of too many days with no sun.

  11. If you have a small greenhouse the little chinese diesel heaters used in rvs and motorhome are a good choose as you can vent the exhaust outside and it has a thermostat and if you play with the settings and run it on red diesel (tax free) cost very little to run

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  13. Surely the first thing you need to address when deciding how to 'heat' your greenhouse is whether you just want to keep the frost out during early spring when starting tender plants, or to heat it up to 'growing temperature' all the year round – that would make it a 'hothouse' and require a far more powerful heating system.

  14. Hi If you don't know about biochar. Yet tell everyone that you know very very good videos thank you very much keep up the good work videos are awesome do you know about biochar feed it to the hogs and cattle and goats it goes through them and helps the soil im from northern Kentucky look up the history of biochar for gardening tell everyone you know passed it on it's good for bad clay soil ok for good soil barn wood to char douse it with water then dry it out then activate it with worm castings or compost liquids first I also like rocket store Mass heaters couches and earthships homes are nice too look up sand to gold very interesting it's for deserts growing have a good day

  15. For the past 6 years or so I've used a Mr. Heater Big Buddy heater hung on the wall. I have to replace it from time to time with a new one but as they are often on sale for $89 US it works well. I've had to replace mine only once but have had to replace parts within the heater more often. Propane burning produces water vapor which keeps the 10'x10' greenhouse well humidified. There are two caveats however, at the beginning of each season you MUST clean all parts of spiders and webs as this will impede the flow of gas and cause a possible blow-back. The other is Mr. Heater advises not to use their heaters in a greenhouse precisely for the spider/web reason. Being vigilant to the above has proven to be good for my use.

  16. Such was the craze for pineapples in England three hundred years ago that wealthy aristocrats built huge "pineapple stoves" in which to grow them and so display their wealth and status. They were essentially heated greenhouses usually heated by coal stoves or hot water pipes again heated by coal. Pineapples became so associated with status that they even made in into architecture, with the stone carved pineapple becoming the finial on many gateposts, turrets, walls etc. For those who couldn't afford the heated greenhouses and manpower to produce their own, a pineapple could be rented for the evening to display as part of a centrepiece on your dining table to impress guests. History does not record what might happen if one of your guests decided to eat the pineapple, one supposes the hirer lost his deposit!

    Melons were and are still grown in melon houses, similar to a pineapple stove, but making use of deep beds of manure usually contained within brick bays within the greenhouse to provide both constant low heat and as a a growing medium. Many examples from the Victorian era still survive at the stately homes of England.

  17. I am designing a 24 x 45 foot green house using radiant heat. Not in the floors , but in four foot pony walls around the perimeter. Using modified cinder blocks I will run PEX tubing through the walls to heat the green house. I also will use geothermal air pipes to cool it in the winter time. The ambient temps range from 110 to -30.




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