30' x 80' WeatherPort GrowPort™ – Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse in 4K!

30' x 80' WeatherPort GrowPort™ - Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse in 4K!

The WeatherPort GrowPort™ is a series of professional grade automated light deprivation greenhouses and cannabis greenhouses specifically designed for the cultivation of high potency medical marijuana strains, recreational marijuana, and industrial hemp. When compared with indoor warehouse growing operations, a WeatherPort GrowPort can reduce the energy costs associated with growing cannabis by as much as 50%.

The WeatherPort GrowPort can be custom designed to any width, length, and raised to accommodate growing tall cannabis or industrial hemp. Our integrated metal framing system allows for the installation of any supplemental lighting systems, ventilation, temperature, and humidity control systems. GrowPorts can be equipped with a fully automated Link4 control system. Once configured, the controller manages all systems to prevent overheating and create an optimum growing environment.

The GrowPort light deprivation greenhouse comes equipped with an automated light deprivation system designed to control light exposure and produce multiple harvests per year. The blackout fabric employed in our GrowPort cannabis greenhouses is designed to completely block unwanted light. We offer a wide range of plant storage systems including: heavy duty shelves, rolling benches, and growing tables. Choose from a wide selection of personnel, equipment, and greenhouse doors.

This video highlights the automated control and design features of a 30’ wide x 80’ long WeatherPort GrowPort.

All WeatherPort fabric buildings and cannabis greenhouses, including the GrowPort, are engineered to meet local building codes for safety. A WeatherPort building specialist will work with you and your team to discuss your growing operation and growing facility requirements, and ensure your WeatherPort GrowPort meets the building codes for your area.

WeatherPort has been producing custom designed greenhouses for nearly 50 years. We have supplied complete greenhouse systems to more than 65 countries around the world. The rugged durability, reliability, and ease of setup of our engineered fabric structures is unmatched, and makes our cannabis greenhouses a much better alternative to indoor warehouse grows, fiberglass greenhouses, and glass greenhouse systems.

If you would like to discuss how a WeatherPort GrowPort can meet your growing needs, contact us to schedule a consultation with a WeatherPort building specialist by calling +1-970-399-5909 or visit our website for more information:

WeatherPort does not promote illegal sales or use of marijuana. Sale of WeatherPort cannabis grow equipment is limited to states where permitted. Void where prohibited.




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