25 Acre High-tech Tomato Farm | Greenhouse Tomato Farming

25 Acre High-tech Tomato Farm | Greenhouse Tomato Farming

A greenhouse sometimes referred to as a glasshouse is a structure where its walls are made of transparent material like glass, polyethylene, and nets where plants are grown under very well controlled climatic conditions. Greenhouses can be built in various sizes from small sheds to large structures that spread over hectares. Greenhouses are equipped with Heaters, Sodium Lights, and coolers to control the conditions inside the greenhouse.

Farmers prefer Green House as a viable option for Organic Farming. The main challenges in organic farming are pests, diseases, and climatic conditions. Greenhouses are best in addressing all these challenges. Pests cannot enter Greenhouses as they are enclosed and contains nets to protect from pets. Conditions inside the greenhouse can be controlled with heaters and lights. Some plants will grow in only some seasons due to the lack of suitable climatic conditions required for their growth. But in the greenhouse the crops can be cultivated throughout the year as we can control the conditions inside the greenhouse, the productivity of the Yield is very high in Green House. We can produce more yield in a small unit area of Green House.

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25 Acre High-tech Tomato Farm | Greenhouse Tomato Farming

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