DIY Mini Humidifier for Mushroom Growing

DIY Mini Humidifier for Mushroom Growing

Do you need a humidifier or ultrasonic mister / fogger for mushroom growing? Perhaps you just want one for your greenhouse? This is an easy method on how to build one!

Building this homemade mini humidifier is simple, and you only a few cheap parts available off the internet. You simple need to follow the instructions in the video and you will have a humidifier which you can use to grow mushrooms with in no time!

People often build humidifiers which are too large for the fruiting room. This smaller one can be plumbed into a small scale fruiting chamber, or even placed right inside the chamber itself!

You can setup a small indoor mushroom farm with this, or use it for any other purposes.

The items you need are listen below!
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Want to build it?
📦 1 Head fogger – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 6 head fogger – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 12 head fogger – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 12v waterproof fan (large) – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 24v fan (small) – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 12v power supply – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 24v power supply – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 Tork percentage timer – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 Float – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 Tube kit – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 Sistema container, the best you can get! – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 large size Container body (for bigger fogger) – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 Bulkhead – ⭐Amazon⭐

📦 nuts and bolts! – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 44mm hole saw, perfect for the bulkhead listed above – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 33mm hole saw, for the 40mm fan – ⭐Amazon⭐
📦 Holesaw arbor – ⭐Amazon⭐

Need to control the humidity?
Use a Tork ⭐Amazon⭐
or an Inkbird – ⭐Amazon⭐

Want to try growing mushrooms? Start with this mushroom growing kit!
🍄 ⭐Amazon⭐

The following literature is great to learn how to grow mushrooms
📖 Mycelium Running (best seller) – ⭐Amazon⭐
📖 Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms – ⭐Amazon⭐
📖 Mushroom Cultivation: An Illustrated Guide ⭐Amazon⭐
📖 Mushroom Cultivation ⭐Amazon⭐
📖 The Essential Guide to Cultivating Mushrooms – ⭐Amazon⭐


to see a full list of equipment I use!

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