Cultivating Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms | PARAGRAPHIC

Cultivating Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms | PARAGRAPHIC

Step into the mushroom kingdom and unlock the secrets of fungi. From lions mane and reishi to shiitake and pink oyster, these healthy and delicious mushroom species are worth the effort it takes to grow them. With incredible cognitive and neurological benefits, these mushrooms may hold the key to solutions for many of society’s ailments.

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  1. My head just exploded 12mins 54 seconds of video just blue my mind🤯.
    You are the definition of an entrepreneur fine sir, some of those mushrooms look so wicked and delicious. Because of your determination and hard work I wish you continued success & growth as a company businessman, entrepreneur and just general well-being you deserve serious props using your love of mushrooms to heal Minds medical issues, meals, medicines & Money.Who would have thunk it! 🧪🧫🍄🏥💉☕💊🥗💵💸💰💰

  2. I been growing weed for 14 years and I've got to say… although your terminology is different, the similarities are profound. God put some shit on this Earth to help us, his cheeky ass also left a lot for us to figure out on our own. Here we are in 2021, processing cannabis and mushies into consumer products that are proven to improve and literally save lives. All the while our blessed US government stifles its expansion out of archaic and divisive ideologies of drug abuse.

  3. Wow 🤩… I learned a lot in this mushroom video.. I wish I could grow mushroom in our 2.5 acres. I cannot grow fruit trees here because of some visiting beautiful animals like rabbit, squirrel, birds , etc, our land is idle with only 2 rosemaries, roses and plums that I never got any fruits since I planted few years ago. 😊 🌹

  4. So Cool

    We gotta get together soon

    I've got some ideas for the cleanup in the woods that are so far overdue

    Too many images of how that can be combined with soil tech as well as hydroponic attached to fish hatchery and farming

    Fantastic video would love to hear more about the medical as well as recreational uses

  5. Hi there. Very interesting. As a doctor, I wish I was taught more of this in medical school, but that would mean doctors might actually start curing diseases. Could I just ask, why exactly can't you simulate more natural conditions? It seems misleasing that you would say we don't grow them like plants in soil when they do grow like plants in soil in the wild. Could you enlighten me on what would happen if you had used soil? I really want to grow mushrooms for their infinite health benefits but I don't have the capabilities for any of this, hence my annoying questions

  6. I live in the Bahamas and you have been like a superhero you and williy keep me motivated to work on my lab now I have 17 strains and now I'm getting ready to fruit now that it's getting colder in short thanks so much for your information


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