Why do we need oxygen for the hydroponic farm?

Why do we need oxygen for the hydroponic farm?  Hydroponic Masterclass | +91-9870424425

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👉Advance Hydroponic Course(English and हिंदी):
👉Hydroponic Crash Course(English and हिंदी) :
👉Farm management software:
👉Home kit for hydroponics:
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Products you need to run your farm:
01) Plastic Hydroponic Digital Cyclic Timer (White):
02) 16 Ampere Plastic Hydroponic or Analogue Cyclic Timer:
03) Hydroponics White Netpots 2.5 Inch (Set of 50):
04) Hydroponics Jiffy Coco Pellets/Coco disc/Coco Coin/Coir Coin:
05) Cocopeat Block 5 Kg(When Packing) for Home Gardening:
06) 1-inch Rockwool Starter Plugs:
07) Grow Healthy Grow More:
08) Hydrotons Leca Clay Pebbles 9 L:
09) Elamgreen Perlite for Gardening Potting Soil Mix, 1 Kg:
10) Utkarsh Calcium Nitrate (100% Water Soluble Fertilizer):
11) Cheap & Heavy 4 Colourful Reusable Seeds Trays for Germination:
12) Agriculture Seedling Tray (Pro Tray) Reusable:
13) Generic pH and E-TDS Meter Combo:

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