Algae problems

Algae problems.

It is very easy for algae to become and issue in anything other than a black bucket or a bucket covered with some kind of protective coating. I should know better as this is my third summer of hydroponics. I generally buy every black bucket I can find, and the others I just paint black.


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  1. We finally got a bucket with algae this year, and it was a bucket that we didn't fully paint or cover up with foil. Anyways, an easy way to lower water temps is wrap your buckets with aluminum foil. or you can buy some Mylar emergency blankets for very cheap and cut and wrap your buckets with the Mylar. Our shiny buckets are about 20 degrees cooler in the hot sun.

  2. Sleestak, I want to thank you for bringing this up. I think you are on to something. I remember a year or two ago I was looking into purchasing a large plastic water tank for capturing rain water. I looked into it again today. Green is the preferred choice for tanks above ground. And the reason???? You guessed it, to prevent algae growth. I wonder why all the hydroponic stores have not caught on to this?

    I will have to get some green paint, as I cannot find green buckets here.

  3. Yeah, all that water means lots of work. I worked my tail off this summer with my DWC and got good results. I have twice as many dutch buckets, and only a fraction of the work. Remember my dutch buckets were started much later, and they are doing fine, and with less problems.

  4. I sure like the circulating reservoir eh. so much less to deal with. I'll be installing a recalculating DWC in the greenhouse here soon but i gotts say I don't like all that water.

  5. Don't know where I can get the panda film around here. I would like to try that foil like bubble wrap insulation that they have at Lowes. It would definitely keep the heat out and also the sunlight. Pretty expensive though. On the other hand black paint is not cheap either.

  6. It is a chore mixing and changing nutrients for DWC. I spent 6 hours Saturday working on just 15 buckets. I mix about 10 gallons at a time. If you are going to go with several DWC setups it may be advisable to mix up a 55 gallon barrel ahead of time.
    Any way you look at it….time consuming. That is why all of my tomatoes next year will be dutch buckets.

  7. Very nice Peppers Duane! You are right they both look great. Duane what I found was the black buckets are awesome but they did better when they were covered with a light tight material they won't heat up to such a high degree. I use a material called Panda film. its black on one side to keep light out but its white on the other side to reflect the heat. I think this will drop the water temps for you. Great video I was very surprised by the algae on those roots 🙂

  8. Some plants don't recognize light falling in the green spectrum to any degree. I know its used in the medical marijuana growing industry here in Canada. Some growers are able to tend plants under green light that are in full bloom without i'll affects to the plants. Perhaps Algae functions in a similar way and green will be the new bucket of choice 🙂

  9. Really. I have never tried a green bucket before. Could be that it filters out the right wavelengths of light that prevents algae growth. I have tried white, orange, two shades of blue and silver and they all result with algae. Was that a Walmart green bucket?


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