You got to see this! | How to grow microgreens | On The Grow | DIY Hydroponics

You got to see this! | How to grow microgreens | On The Grow | DIY Hydroponics

How to grow microgreens | On The Grow | DIY Hydroponics
@On The Grow
I am very pleased to introduce you to a fine couple and a great channel!
On The Grow:
Check out Mandi and CJ, tell them Mike VanDuzee sent you.

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  1. Mike, this is truly heart touching… we are so grateful for this and we are so grateful for an amazing community. We have worked really hard to share everything we learn with the community and I love that you have the same passion. Thank you for such a kind shoutout. Much love man and keep on growin’! 🤗🌱🌱

  2. I just found your channel. And I am so excited. Your philosophyof keeping it simple so even your mom could do it has inspired me to take the plunge. I appreciate your approach.

  3. Hi Mike I hope you are doing well

    This is a disclaimer I’m a total newbie to hydroponics or even the grow you own food movement however I believe this movement is pretty beneficial for the near future and hence I decided to join

    So yeah I was watching your video on how pool noodle could be used to grow lettuce.
    Based on this I have 2 questions,

    If we want to grow lettuce of a kind say romaine and so if we go to the store buy a variety we like and take a cutting from it and insert into the pool noodle and hydroponic system then can we be able to grow different kinds of lettuces ?

    My last question is using the hydroponic method can we grow lettuce to seed so we don’t need to buy seeds rather we have our own grown seeds, how long does it take for lettuce to seed or how much quantity of seeds produced from one plant is something I’m not sure about

    Hence I want to know whether where to learn such stuff and would you be able to make a tutorial on growing lettuce to seed would be appreciated

  4. Hi, Mike. I just wanted to let you know that I am done with all of this growing stuff for now. My small apartment can't accommodate all I need to grow what I want! But I need to let you know that through you I have learned so much! Keep doing you, you are important in this game! I love you, your wife and your dog and will always be watching!

  5. I'm a fan of both channels. I have learned so much from yours and their channel. Keep up the good work. I took advantage of your bogo offer a while back. Looking forward to using it this spring. Just had snow on the ground a few days ago. Usually after St Patrick's Day I am good to go in my area for outdoor planting.

  6. I love to see chard(and other greens)make a come back. It’s a nice metaphor for perseverance, hope and living! I love seeing the comparison videos that On the The Grow does! I’ve been watching them for a while, great content! Thanks for sharing it so every one can see them!


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