Worms | Vermicomposting Microgreens

Worms | Vermicomposting Microgreens

It’s Winter, basically, and I am starting Microgreens again and I also wanted to get back into vermicomposting. Part of feeding worms involves sourcing greens and browns for the them. The better the food you give the worms, the better the compost the worms create. It just makes sense. As I was literally fiddling with microgreens, I was thinking what greens could I use that is cheap. I mean, I know we have some table scraps, but likely not enough as the worm-heard grew over time and the source needs to be quality and particular to plant-based per my preference. So, yeah, literally wondering and fiddling with micros. Finally, the bulb came on. Why not grow an extra tray a week just for the worms. They are very cheap, nutritious, and easily repeated over and over. This video is about getting it all started.

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  1. Awesome idea!!! I 'm kinda doing something like this . I'm growing fodder some peas and sunflowers and i'm taking the top half feeding it to the kids rabbits. I take the roots mass and feed that to my worms.

  2. Now this is right up my alley Brent. Just got here now and saw this on your channel.
    Coffee grounds are great in winter as they help warm up the compost zone and keep the worms warm. I kept my worm farm windrow worms warm right through the winter that way,,,be aware though, it gets quite hot.
    I think they get addicted to it too hehe
    All the best from Australia (Karin says hi)

  3. Interesting idea to use the tubes. I've have a bin of red wigglers in the climate controlled garage for the past year and they have prospered. Every once in a while I harvest some to add to the garden but it's It's too cold to put them out in the garden now, so looks like I need a second bin. They are litter feeders and live in the top 8" or so under the leaves. I was wondering what your experience with the deep container was. Do the worms you got populate media that deep, or do the live up top?

  4. It will be interesting to see how it works out for you. Good that you got some replacements for the dead batch. Makes you wonder where along the way that they kicked the bucket.

  5. Good on you mate ! .. this is a great concept and experiment.
    I couldn't agree more with boosting nutritional values in microgreens and or worms 😎
    Watching intently! 👍

  6. Hi Brent, Maybe you might consider growing your Sunflower Sprouts in your Rice Hulls. Then, when you harvest them, you could also chop up the roots and Rice Hulls and feed all of it to your worms. You can also feed them any of the roots from any of the other micro greens you are growing.




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I’m Leaving / Self Watering Microgreen Grow Box / DIY Hydroponics