Winter Grow Room Lighting & Spider Farmer LED Giveaway (Giveaway Complete)

Winter Grow Room Lighting & Spider Farmer LED Giveaway (Giveaway Complete)


Spider Farmer gave me a light to try. Since they were ok with me not doing a baked and dedicated light review like you see on many channels these days, AND allowed me to give one away to you guys, I agreed! Was quite surprised because I get these types of requests by companies several times a week and they almost never agree with what I want to do. With Spider Farmer, all they want is a truthful trial and an occasional shot of the light in upcoming videos. Fair enough. Ok, I know the light may be of interest to many of you, I also have other things I’m trying with lighting. I wanted to try weatherproof high-bay lights, which are very powerful and durable. I’m going to trial changing the color temperature of my 6500K daylight lights to a potentially more beneficial warmer temperature. I found what’s known in the camera world CTOs or color temperature orange “gels” that do just that. I’m also interested in moving away from red/blue lights to full spectrum white lights because I feel they’re better. I hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. TO ALL WANTING THE LIGHT. Please ensure you read the rules at the end of the video. Your name, or YouTube comment name, is one thing you need to enter. The next is a statement making it clear you want the light. I've already gotten vague replies where I can't tell if you want the light. The last thing is your city and state (US) or town and country mostly because I'm curious, but it also helps me with which "Bob" or which "Mary" may enter. Yes, those names are examples. :O) Extra comments are bonus!

  2. hi Brent, 6500k is just fine for majority of growth, when plants are slowing down their vegetative growth and switching to producing fruit or flowers etc, then around 4500k slightly more red is better. (think harvest time red sky at night etc) Google the subject of "generative steering" for more info, it's a fascinating subject. Happy growing !

  3. Thanks Brent I WON the LIGHT. I am looking forward to doing an experiment with the light you are sending me. I have to thank you Brent for all that I have learned from you in all your sharing over the years I have watched you. In fact I am looking really forward to growing my micro greens under this light. Most of my systems are on timer for the lights and I am now choosing to work on a automatic watering system. I am getting ready to take a road trip and will still be watching you on the road. Thanks again Brent and I look forward to receiving my LIGHT. Your the best.

  4. Name Tim Keyes from Gainesville, FL. I am attempting to build a garden where I came learn how I can teach others how to grow. I have been following much of your training. I have build a two- level auto-water system that you showed "how you did it". I added lighting to it but it needs more.

  5. Please enter me in your contest, I want this light ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’š Bonafide Grower here from Los Angeles, California โœŠ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’š I too want to move away from the purple lights into a full spectrum

  6. I'd love to have the light, Brent. I'm wanting to set up a little greenhouse like yours. My indoor set up in my spare room isn't cutting it anymore. Thanks for all you do for us. Please add my name in. Cameron Harris from Lincolnton, GA. USA!

  7. I moved away from the red/blue lights a while ago and started using CMH. I don't know if there's a huge difference in growth, but I like being able to see the plants in full color. I'm sure the white LEDs would work just as well.

    Please enter me in the drawing. I want the light! – Mark from Naperville, IL

  8. Please, please enter me in the spider farmer grow light giveaway. I would be so greatful. Been trying to buy a decent light for the last two years but haven't been able to afford it. I've been a subscriber to your channel for the past two and a half years and to be honest I have saved many of them to my YouTube playlist. I have really learned some very cool things from them as I am new to gardening. Thank you for putting out such honest and enlightening videos. I've also noticed you have added some cooler music to your videos recently. Right on! Id be totally into composing some acoustic music for any of your future videos if you ever needed some? One day I would love to get a chance to pass through Arkansas and stop and say hello.

  9. I definitely want the light. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Branden from Fort Atkinson, WI.
    Please keep doing what you're doing, I've learned a lot from your microgreen videos.

  10. Please enter me in the light giveaway!! I am trying to grow veggies indoors in the winter after a frustrating outdoor season where bugs decimated beans, radishes, kale, etc… t would be incredible to grow year=round indoors!! I am in Virginia, USA.

  11. I want the light, please enter me. I live in Solvang, California. Iโ€™ve just started growing but I really want to grow most things inside so that I can control the climate better. It gets really hot here and also quite cool at night. Thanks for your great videos they are really a good education. Bill B.


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