Why you don’t need Rockwool for DIY Hydroponics | Cheap and Easy

Why you don't need Rockwool for DIY Hydroponics | Cheap and Easy

Easy hydroponics, the reason I do not use rockwool to start my transplants. We are going to clean out our downspout that had the lettuce growing in it to make room for some pak choy. Let’s see how long it takes. Diy hydroponics.
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  1. Mike, this is a wonderful idea, I may have to borrow it =). My wife bought a bunch of pool noodles to place in her boots. She said it's the cheapest method to keep the boots from being flattened.

  2. I have a DWC system in gutters that I'm going to switch to Kratky because of your videos. In my system the roots travel long distances and plug up drains sometimes. I see the roots on your plants are only directly below the holes.

  3. No matter the field, I always dig alternative approaches! What’s the purpose of the pool noodle/rock wool, holding the seedling in place while allowing expansion and providing some insulation?

  4. Thank you so much!!!! I just(literally 2 min. ago) purchased hydroponic net cup + clay pebbles + rockwool, 60$ in Amazon. I'm cancelling it right now. Thank you again!!! This is a great idea, especially for me. I don't even have hole saw, the hole in my bucket lid is not round. So net cup would not fit in anyways. This is perfect for me. You saved my money👍👍👍👍🌿

  5. Hello sir nice vdos and nice work getting rid of rock wool. U can start ur seeds in normal potting soil and can transfer them as well right. And i think u shld do a vdo on saving seeds it will save us money as well. Thanks in advance

  6. I like the thinking (methods you're using) to get this video (and youre others) seen by more people.

    If I think of anything anything I DONT SEE that you've tried, I'll let you know.
    Do you have an email I can contact you on?
    (I know you mentioned it in a video, but I have almost ALL of your videos in my history- your guess is as good as mine as to which 1 it is)

  7. A local guy showed me this trick, it is both cheaper and better than using rockwool all the way. I still do use my EazyPlug rockwool for starting seeds, and then when it grows a bit i just remove it and transplant it to my NFT system. Cheers!

  8. Mike, I notice the pool noodle centers have been removed to make room for the thicker stems. How do you know WHEN to do that? I have 2-3 microgreen seedlings in each pool noodle-with-center stuffing right now, but I don't want to choke the stems….when do I remove?

  9. I am thinking that foam pipe insulation also work instead of pool noodles. Just because we have some, and would like to be able to use them instead of buying a pool noodle.


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