Why So Cheap? / Cheapest hydroponics 3 Q&A / Lettuce ready 2 harvest / Easy DIY Hydroponics Systems

Why So Cheap? / Cheapest hydroponics 3 Q&A  / Lettuce ready 2 harvest / Easy DIY Hydroponics Systems

Why the cheapest way to grow hydroponics?
Easy DIY Hydroponic Systems
Today I answer 3 questions from our community, show you the progress on the wall of hydroponic lettuce and give you a peek at what is coming next week. Thank you for watching! Peace and Love!!

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Keep on Growin’ with Mike VanDuzee


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  1. Mike VanDuzee you are a hero! Your videos always inspire me! You are definitely living to inspire! I so admire how you responded to a negative comment with love, compassion and the bigger picture! I am still watching and not yet doing, but in the last several months my family has survived heart attacks, diabetic amputations and a host of other health problems that access to organic, locally grown vegetables could be the difference. During these difficult trials, your positive videos and easily explained and yes, affordable methods have given me hope! I am so glad you are who you you are! Thank you!

  2. I really appreciate your response.
    Thank you for keeping it positive.
    It is minus 28 degrees celcius outside right now.
    I enjoy and am learning from your videos.
    Thank you.

  3. Mike new subbie ALL THE WAY FROM TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO IN THE WEST INDIES!! You are awesome got me tinkering and searching out plant shops for my stuff. You are an inspiration!!!

  4. Please don't let trolls get you down!! I really enjoy all the ways that you're helping me learn how to do hydroponics and I like doing things on the cheap lol.

  5. Thanks very much for your videos! Iโ€™ve learned a lot and I really do appreciate them. Already got some stuff and Iโ€™m going to start next week. Blessings from Trinidad and Tobago ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡น

  6. Thank you for addressing those who are unable to see the big picture of how fresh, healthy food is unreachable to everyone.

    Gratitude and socioeconomic status do not go hand in hand. Not all are fortunate enough to afford a backyard, tools to garden, wood to build raised garden beds, organic soil to lay their seeds to sow.

    Mikes method of beginning hydroponics for food independence for yourself and/family is the simplest/ easiest method I have come across from my research thus far. From a beginners stand point, the information can be confusing on PH levels, EC levels, lava rocks, mediums, ect. Some items are expensive with no guarantee of return and can deter people from even starting.

    *this method is the best I have found and by far most budget and user friendly.
    THANK YOU!!!

  7. Glad we found you on Timey Lives. Keep on growing brother. We have much to learn from you. Setting the Roku to autostream you sometime this week! Binge list!

  8. Mike, you're truly inspiring my friend, love how real you are, how passionate. You have so much to be proud of my friend, keep pushing forward, you are leaving a spot in many peoples hearts! Blessed to have met your virtually!

  9. Thanks. This…like your other videos has been inspiring. We're going to set up this method indoors in a couple of days. I'm excited.

    We already got 7 apple trees 1 1/2 month old and beautiful. 3 avocado trees, about 25 cherry tomato trees. They starting to smell great. Microgreens, sprouts ginger and onions all inside. Our apartment. My first time gardening indoors.

    Would the lettuce do alright this way indoors with indirect light since it's getting warmer now?


  10. I'll probably never grow any hydroponics, we have tons of plants, but I find it all so fascinating. Especially someone who is figuring out how to do it without spending an absolute fortune. What a cool channel! (is that the pier at Flagler? the color of the sand…)

  11. Hello. I saw your name in Michael Feyrer's Video Content Marketing Live Stream. I checked out your About page. Interesting content. So, I joined your channel with ๐Ÿ›Ž. Have a great day! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  12. I usually refrain from commenting but this time I will make an exception. Five gallons at Home Depot/Lowes 3.50 each for 5. Net cups from Amazon 9.99, Clay peoples 12.99, Hydroponic Solution 22.99 equals 63.47 plus tax. Down Spout from Home Depot 11.99, 1 Pool Noodle from Dollar Tree and Hydroponic Solution 22.99 equals 36.98 plus tax. That is almost 27.00 savings. The food grows faster and I can place closer to house or my sun room and grow inside and outside. Saving money helps to buy other things that we cannot grow. The pool noodle saved money along with square container micro greens. I have tried growing them for about two years and they have not turned out right. With the square box and cloth / towel hanging down it works perfectly. For those us that have struggled in past being Cheap now will help us to not repeat the same mistake. This channel is a welcome relief and definitely needed so we can return growing fresh and healthy food for our families and neighbors….end of rant.

  13. I usually don't comment, but damn brother Much respect. you are not only teaching affordable farming, you are advocating against hunger. Best of luck to you and you endeavors.

  14. Mr duzee I've watched many of your videos and by far this was my favorite. Well done many thanks for your frugal ways I would not be able to afford high scale hydroponics systems I have learned from you it doesn't have to be expensive just have fun and keep on growing.

  15. mike thanks for the upload and espiecaly thank you for trying to answering my queston re nutrents other than masterblend. and as per usual thank you for hte awsomness that is u

  16. Mike, it seems information get buried among all the other voices at times. I like that you continue to share your garden and one of the most simplified gardening methods with both your seed starting / micro greens containers and the gutter non-circulating grow out area. Clever discovery that the heated bend on the gutter prevents root drowning, I like it. Also, your tomatoes are looking great! Hard to believe you are getting green tomatoes already. Nice to see the call out to help others in need too.

  17. Where I'm from thousands of people have lost their jobs over the past few months, the economy is crashing. Most don't know where their next dollar or next meal is coming from and some are turning to hydroponics agriculture for self sustainability. Every dollar counts, thank you for sharing economic ways to provide healthy wholesome food. Keep on inspiring.

    AniVi Greens

  18. I will be one of those living in a car. Found there are communities of people, nomads, who live 'out of' their vehicles, but they often have to move every 2 weeks. I am trying to think of ways these people can improve their diets through hydroponics without having garages or basements to store bulk seeds. Sprouts will be easy but how could they grow microgreens? Many of them follow the milder weather so they could just leave their plants outside but travel days…hmmm..


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