Why I don’t use organic nutrients/ Easy DIY Hydroponics

Why I don't use organic nutrients/ Easy DIY Hydroponics

A visit to the local farmer’s market and more fun with microgreens! Why I don’t use organic nutrients. Off grid hydroponics, no soil, no weeding, no problem. Have a fantastic week!
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  1. How long does it take for a butterhead lettuce to be ready to harvest in this method?? Do you feel plants in still water grow more or where there’s water movement plants grow better

  2. Which link is for the nutients mixture? I just want to make sure it's in that e-book or not before geting it. I know people who have gone for guides only for them to not have what they were suppose to have in them.

  3. Hey Mike, really enjoying your videos! Just ordered seeds today. Might be a good time to grow some crops… so, I noticed in one of the scenes in this video you had a pipe contraption on your porch railing that is configured in a big circle. I was wondering if you capped off the pipes on the upper and lower levels, or how you worked the water containment within the structure
    . Thanks.

  4. I've used botanicare's organic line in the past. What I've found is that it always took a few days after changing solution, before the plants reacted to be solution change. I think that bacteria first needs to break down the organic nutrients before it becomes usable to plants. In your case, though, it looks like something got into your water, which might have caused that nasty growth. I'm waiting for masterblend to arrive in the mail. First time using masterblend, so we'll see how that goes.

  5. Ya I have notest that with orange and blue buckets the blue ones do better at blocking the light. Not sure if they are just not as see through as the orange ones or not. So where do you get those green containers from?

  6. I love the scream at the sight of the nutrient water! I also love frogs, bees, toads and many other little creatures! Right now I have a baby bunny living near my winter sowing containers. So the frog container is just adorable! Oh ya, nice hair cut…


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