Weeks with no water, growing soil less! / Easy DIY hydroponics

Weeks with no water, growing soil less! / Easy DIY hydroponics

Update on lettuce and pak choy. I talk about what to expect in coming weeks. Just a quick live video, more in depth one next Monday. Can’t wait for the cooler months to get here! Thanks for watching.
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  1. Now thats a beauty ❤️1:49 i'm glad i watched you video on it coz i'm getting addicted on pok choy now tried the Kratky Method but it looked dirty and stale so i put a pump on it instead feel a little safer

  2. Yeah, i do them in the 1020 trays and keep watering them, mine breaks easily bec i move them all the time for lights and watering. how do you stick the inverted tray on top. did you have to glue it w a glue gun. I'm not sure, but had seen the glue gun. do you think that the dollar store or the dollar tree has them now? thanks

  3. MrDuzee1, I thought that soil and hydroponic don't match. I mean, can I put soil dirty roots of a bokchoy into a steelwool cube and into the solution? would it contaminate, or will the root has a problem w the hydrop solution, will it get yellow, or toxic? bec when i pour hydroponic solution into the garlic bulbs sitting by the window, it didn't like it. so do I have to clean all the soil out. and how did you get them so tall and healthy, growing densely, w/o yellowing, but mine is indoors ( and not hydrop). I saw that you said you put hydroponic granules into the peat or coir bef planting? can I water this in if I have it, and mine is 9 months old. this mix is something Krafty–oh, Masterblend. does it grow old, can i water soil plants with it, or throw it in the sink, bec it's not good for soil building or soil microbes? another question, how can you grow one or many bokchoy so big. is it the soil w tomato masterblend or hydroponics and the sun? it's amazing to see monster vegetables you've got in your deck. Mine does not past the second pair of leaves, maybe the light is too close, or indoors, or the soil is not that thick, but thicker than what you have…should I transplant it out into a 4 inch pot? or outside cold frames? I do have a lot of microgreens, and ready to transplant out. I think that it has to be outside, bec maybe the coir and the light do not support further than the microgreen's stage? thanks for answering me so soon yesterday. have a nice night.

  4. You are brilliant!!! I am an older woman who wants to garden but I am wary of the heavy lifting for my husband and myself but your system is COMPLETELY doable for people approaching retirement. Thank you for the work you are doing.

  5. I am so excited about starting my own veggies! I cant thank you enough. Your videos are the best Ive seen so far. One question, where do you buy seeds from for fall and winter indoor gardening?


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