Water Culture Beds: Broccoli Harvest

Water Culture Beds:  Broccoli Harvest

Super-loving my water culture beds. Very productive method of growing in the greenhouse. These beds had concepts of Kratky, Deep Water Culture (or shallow water culture if you will), and recirculating deep water culture. I’ll put a link to the construction of these at the end of the video.

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  1. Another great video Brent! I watched a video on your greenhouse setup here recently. Can't find the video, but I had some questions on your fertilizer solution. On the video you had several barrels for water and 2 separate tanks , one for calcium nitrate and one for the masterblend. Do you use the same solution for growing all your plants tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and other things you grow?

  2. Looking good Brent! Pass the butter and some lemon. 🙂 Did you hear we got snow here in Colorado last Thurs/Fri ? First time in 45 yr.s that it snowed this late in the season. I didn't lose anything! I was covered. A lot of people did. Keep on growing Brent!

  3. Good morning, no Brent not newly crowned. We have 4 from 1 and a half to almost 13 yrs. they all live close by so they get to see grandma and grandpa a lot and there all old enough to say it. They sure bring a lot of joy and " ENERGY " to our lives.

  4. Hello Brent, Dana here better known as grandpa these days. Some nice looking broccoli. I've been growing an heirloom variety called Umpqua for the last 2 years and it has produced very well and really has that good old fashion broccoli taste. It's not much for side shoots but I have not removed some of the leaves as you suggested. I'll give that a try in the fall, toooo hot now.

  5. Nice heads Brent. Mine do well once I remove the first shoots. I'm so far behind in planting this year I'm not sure I'll get much. Sometimes life gets in the way. Keep it up my friend. 🙂

  6. Great broccoli Brent. Does it require low temps to do what you did? I am at the right time here to start some but during the summer I am not sure I can keep the temps below 90 in my greenhouse all the time. Do you think it might still work.?



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