update on hydroponics, my move and new view

update on hydroponics, my move and new view

Good morning all! The move is going well. I am downsizing and moving back to the city so that I have more time and resources to put into growing and sharing with you guys this year. Down to 1 bathroom so I am waiting my turn, lol. Will have a shave and a haircut as soon as we get caught up, sorry about looking like a Wildman. Hopefully next week we will get our new batch of microgreens started and begin setting up the outdoor hydroponics.

Thank you guys so much for your patience during my move. Exciting times ahead! Keep on Growin’!

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  1. I feel like you and my uncle gotta link up sometime.. Bet you two would have endless conversations about this stuff since he owns a landscaping business and he loves plants and knows everything about them.

  2. Thanks for the share. I think every now and then, it is good to tear down and rebuild. Keep what works, and add new ideas. Everything has a new beginning, and yours is starting with microgreens. Having grown everything else it seems, I will hopefully be trying microgreens soon. Your videos on how simple it can be, have encouraged me to try some too.

  3. Glad you checked in with your YT friends! Love your idea of showing how you cook with your microgreens/baby greens. My Swiss chard is doing fabulously in my indoor downspouts…over 6" tall in just about 6wks from start of germination. So much easier to grow this way compared to fighting the pests and element outdoors. Look forward to your future videos when things settle down for you.


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