Understand why PAR, PPF, and PPFD is CRITICAL for High Yield and Harvest | Grow Light Systems 101

Understand why PAR, PPF, and PPFD is CRITICAL for High Yield and Harvest | Grow Light Systems 101

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  1. Do not purchase anything from this company they are a scam! Here is the email i sent the company! They did the worst to me and robbed me for $350. This was my email to the company that will explain what i went through
    Hello Christian or whoever sees this! Growace is the worst company I have ever done any business with. This company should not be in operation with the way you guys treat customers. In January, I spent a total of $4,000 with you guys and it has been a complete disaster. My products took over a month to arrive, and when it did arrive, so many items were missing and I had to keep calling to have these items sent and even after that, it took another 2 weeks to get my oxygen pot commander. When i decided to set it up, nothing worked. I have been trying to get this piece of shit to start for over a month and it has not worked. I called you guys over 30 times in a month, all you guys did was give me a run around every fucking day. After a month with dealing with this, come to find out it was not receiving power. Instead of doing the right thing, you guys instructed me in an email to open the machine with a screw driver and I got electrocuted twice because this piece of shit is cheaply made and whoever put it together, did not plug the wires. How the fuck are you guys selling things that are not safe and properly put together? I am not an electrician and what you guys did was fucked up and I could have loss my life because of this. After carefully installing the wires, the machine finally started but it's not working properly. It fills the pots but it doesn't drain and i did everything correctly. I should not have to deal with this and its fucked up. I have never seen a company like this. I am tired of this and I will not go back and forth anymore for something that is under warranty, its your job to fix this, not my job. Growace is not a professional company at all! Growace is selling products with no instruction manuals and you guys tell people to go on a website to find the manual and the website doesn’t even exists. How are you guys selling products without instructions? On top of that you guys tell me to go look on YouTube for the instructions and the instructions are not only incomplete but these are instructions for old machines that you guys don’t even sell anymore. At this point, I am fed up with being angry and frustrated and my plants are dying because of this and I am ready to pursue legal action against you guys for pain and suffering if this is not resolved by Monday during business hours.. Not only I will pursue legal actions, I will destroy the reputation of your company by reporting you guys to the Better Business Bureau, take you guys to small claims court, and I will put negative reviews on your website and will open up multiple YouTube accounts to slender your company and ruin your sales opportunity and find every Growace video on YouTube and comment on every videos to make sure that no one buys your products. The last company who did this to me almost shut down 7 years ago and had to pay me to remove my videos which ruined their sales.This is the worst experience I have ever had and I feel stupid to believe that because I spent so much money with Growace, they would actually treat me like a human being. Maybe you guys treat me like this because my voice sounds black and you guys are discriminating against me and treating me like a piece of shit.

  2. If 200-400 range is going to make your seedlings stretch 3-4 inches to get more light before growing a single node, I'd say you need to change your ideal ranges. Seedlings need just as much light as vegetation but with less heat (if heat is even a factor with how you manage it). I've had 600w HID lights within 12" of seedlings (650 effective ppf) and have their first node within the first inch. It will slightly vary on what you're growing, but no matter what you're growing, they don't need to stretch like that.

  3. BUT u should make clear that 1000 PAR are completely unnecessary cuz i can imagine all those newbies going on their growlight website now and are like "oh my 500 bucks light only does 600 PAR at 30 inches, maaaan what a bad light ima sell it" ya know😂

  4. Great Video
    question: are we sure that plants only use those wavelength of light? I read a few research papers showing that they might they might use other wavelength of light for other things than photosynthesis and that is why LEDs haven't been able to match full spectrum lights til now. what do you think?
    Edit: how does LUX translate to PPFD… I bought this stupid meter that only shows LUX!


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