Trial | Saving Seed by Re-Potting

Trial | Saving Seed by Re-Potting

I’m trying to save seed from an Eggplant cross and the next generation bell pepper of mine. The thing is there’s a freeze tonight and the plants will not survive so I have two options. I can try and take the seed before the fruit is ripe and chance it or I can dig up the plants and attempt to pot them up and finish the fruits enough to save the seed. I’m doing the latter. If the plants die, I can still take the seeds early so there’s no real loss in giving it a try. Wish me luck. _______________________________________

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  1. Big changes in the weather there Brent. Good luck with the plants in the winter greenhouse. THE BIG FREEZE,,sounds cold.
    Hope you get some seeds from these my friend.
    All the best from Australia
    Marty & Karin

  2. VERTICAL HYDRO RAFT? Well sort of.
    There is a rather interesting video showing how they went vertical with what we would use as a hydro floating raft sheet of Styrofoam. The video is in Chinese,but you should be able to watch it and get it. This is a great idea..and could easily be replicated. Vertical is the way to go as we can produce so much more food vertically.

  3. Came from bill and val from there tag of you and am very happy I did as you are fantastic at what you do from the videos I have seen so far will be watching more from now sir.

  4. Hello there and came over from Bill's allotments 2 plots heaven
    He said you are really good and he is not wrong checked some of your videos and opened my eyes for that I thank you and will be watching more .

  5. HYDRO ONIONS? Anyone here tried growing onions hydroponically? Bunching or green onions specifically.
    Any tips you would offer if you had success, greatly appreciated.
    Kratky Method- MasterBlend (leafygreen formula), Perlite in the net cups is what I'm thinking..

  6. Hey Brent, it'll be interesting to see if you can do some crosses with the green eggplant I sent you, I have some green eggplants outside that are going to get hurt Monday night when it drops to 31 degrees here, I never thought about digging up the plant and bringing it inside great idea




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