Tommy the Tomato

Tommy the Tomato

Easy DIY hydroponics. Can a tomato save your life, this one did. This film will make you laugh, cry and maybe even get inspired. Explore hydroponics as I take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. This film is dedicated to my friend Tommy, the tomato.

Update on the tomato fertilizer experiment we started a few weeks ago but was postponed because we felt the need to draw attention to the E Coli outbreak so that all of our friends in the USA would know about it.

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  1. love the turtle, the doggies and love Tommy but above all I love the message you are spreading here Mike – so much wisdom and inspiration <3 So important to realise the importance of story telling… so much emotions for poor Tommy and I bloody hate tomatoes….

  2. Hahaha I love this video. Especially the funeral with the parents and friends. Glad I watched because I added more nutrients yesterday because the look whimmy.

  3. Dangit Man! I had this on my Playlist but had to leave the room for a spell. When I came back in the middle of it….I thought your Dog had died or something awful!!! (I recently lost my cat of 13 years and burried him in our yard, so of coursr my mind went there…) You are a nutty goober, y'know that!? Anyway, thanks for the vids.

  4. Is a big cherry tomato still a cherry tomato? LOL this is one of the funniest gardening videos ever LOL A story i wanted to hear every bit of! Talking about unique and original! RIP Tommy ! He taught us so much!
    GO for it!!!

  5. That was almost sad but still beautiful. I kept waiting for Tommy to rise up from the grave. You have so much love. I killed a hydroponic plant one time with root growth hormone. Lessons learned. My plant was not a fruiting plant. She is gone now. Tommy still has a chance tho….

  6. Whoa… Thanks for showing even the little things we think is better can be catastrophic. Just like when we over eat, it makes us sick: diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, inflammation. The list goes on. It was like you did a plant fasting!

  7. If doubling MasterBlend during bloom, did you reduce any of the other two parts, so that total ppm's wouldnt go up too much? From what I read, nitrate isn't as necessary during blooming. Maybe by reducing the calcium nitrate and epsom salt, it could have given you a different outcome.

  8. So what happen? Did you add too much MasterBlend, or did all the plants suck the gutter dry? Have you had any success growing THAT many tomato plants in a gutter setup? I'm sure you have to keep adding water every few days.

  9. Please get us to a successful hydroponic tomato harvest. Any luck with getting peppers? There must be some trick to making it worthwhile. My friend had some pepper plants in soil and all the growth went into the size of the bush and nothing into producing any fruit. I think he called it Uncle Sam. Maybe it's in pruning or timing? Otherwise I'm thinking us newbies should stick to the lettuce that doesn't let you down.

  10. I thought I was in love with your videos, but now I'm convinced! I love this one so much that I think it should be shown in the AG classes so many schools offer. I've known since I was very young what the outcome would be, but not everyone grows up on a farm, Thank you!

  11. Having trouble with transferring microgreens to grow them larger. The roots stick to the paper towels and break off no matter how careful I am. Suggestions?

  12. WOW! Your film making talent is amazing! What an incredible video! I was seriously getting emotional! And then I comforted myself by saying "We still have the pool noodles (loved that episode where you showed how to make those downspouts with the pool noodles!). lol. This was tremendous. It's really amazing to think that something as simple as a tomato can have a profound effect and teach you so much. It makes you realize to stop and appreciate the beauty and simple joys of life. I know your garden is your baby!

  13. What a wonderful video Mike, I love the visuals and the deeper meaning behind the story,,I have known quite a few Tommies over the years gone by.
    Just awesome, we can all learn a lot from this,,,Time to Smile and be thankful.
    Lots of love
    Marty & Karin


New Seedless Tomato:  Brent

New Seedless Tomato: Brent

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New Indoor (Vannamei Litopenaeus) Shrimp Facility with Biofloc Technology