Tomato: Should I Vine Ripen?

Tomato:  Should I Vine Ripen?

This video shows my grafted vs non-grafted tomato, discusses how heat affects tomato production, explores whether one should let a tomato fully vine-ripen, explains how to save tomato seed, and presents an offer for some free seed.

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What do you think?


  1. Thanks for another very informative video, Brent! No wonder my tomatoes all cracked this rainy year. You've created another seed saver and, if I can remember, saved next years crop from cracking. Great video!

  2. Gday mate.. really great video. Thank you.
    I agree and have no argument about vine ripened vs picked 'mature green,' to ripen. My family heritage has seen a lot of tomato and methods of ripening.
    What bothers me is the marketing in supermarkets of vine ripened truss tomatoes.. price is up on those !! Its a blatant money maker. Poor niave consumers.
    Also – One of these days our governments may let us exchange seeds across the Pacific!
    I miss out yet again 😉..
    All the best buddy ! 👍

  3. Mmm Fried Green Tomatoes. I LOVE seed saving!!! I never knew it would be one of my favorite parts of gardening! I really enjoy it! I start wanting to collect seeds from everywhere! It's like "Gold Fever" only with seeds instead. I find every different kind of seed so unique and so fascinating. 8 to 10 seeds per apple, about 600 apples on our tree…(here comes the exciting part, ready) You have an entire orchard of trees in your apple tree every year!!! Sure not every seed will grow, but most of them will! I collected thousands of Lilac seeds!!LOL Moss Rock Roses have the coolest little silver beebee seeds! I hope I always see the magic in every seed!! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the great info. I tried a Cherokee Purple – grew great – was waiting for them to ripen, then the mocking birds got them! Would be OK if they only ate 1, but they ruined all of them! I pellet gun was in my future, but I will now pick them at 1st blush. Those pesky birds did the same to my Romas. As soon as they see a bit of red, it is game on for them.

  5. Lots of good information in this video. I've been ripening ours on our kitchen counter for years. I get lazy and let some vine ripen occasionally, but it sure is frustrating to have a surprise rain and see a bunch of them split. Those tomatoes you cut open sure did look nice on the inside. And thanks for the mention!

  6. Very interesting stuff in the end text, that pruning could cause tomatoes to split more, because the water has less "plant" to go to.

  7. Great video! Thanks for taking the time to put all that information into one place.

    I grow most all my tomatoes in a high tunnel by hydroponics.

    As far as when we pick them there's a couple factors.
    During the summer we tend to let them ripen or get really close to ripe on the vine. We have had very little issues with cracking.
    During the winter when we are running the heater in the GH we tend to pick them as they are starting to blush. Then set them in the dining room to let them turn.

    I have only been doing it a few years and last year was the first time we grew completely through the winter. But my family and everyone we have given them too cannot tell the difference in the flavor. They always come back for more!

    Again thanks for the video!

  8. That was very educational and i really understood and agree with what you were explaining with the higher temps effecting polination and vine ripening vs picking when still green, i sent some green ones to my mom in Florida and they were ripe when they arrived after being in a dark box for a week. I'm ordering a colander rite now for the next time I'm saving mater seeds as the last time I only got a few doing it by hand. Thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building👍


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