This Changes Everything!! | DIY Hydroponics | How to Grow Microgreens

This Changes Everything!! | DIY Hydroponics | How to Grow Microgreens

You will want to learn this method of growing so that you can produce leafy greens all year long!!

Fun Variety Microgreen Seed packs, grow boxes and ebook here:
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Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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This changes everything. How to grow microgreens with a microgreen farmer.

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  1. great video! what's the name of the food grade pipe you pointed out and where can it be purchased. concern about vinyl has been the only thing holding me back. thanks 🙂

  2. You might think about putting together a Christmas present pack with a container and the sample pack of seeds and a link to your book, everything someone would need to get started!

  3. Hello Mike thank you so much for these great videos , I did every thing exactly the way you did regarding planting seeds in growing boxes then transplanting them into the nutrient solution but nearly 70 percent of my plants got root rot specifically part of the stem or the conjunction between the root and the stem turns thin and brown what is it that I am doing wrong? I am so frustrated. would you please make a video about the things which can go wrong while you are making hydroponics..

  4. Do you have any vids of how to grow microgreens without soil? I am trying to grow in apartment, tried with soil and had baaaaad fungus gnat infestation. I purchased the Masterblend, epsom salts, and calcium nitrate for nutrients, have containers and wicks…thank you, I always look fw to your videos and dream about having outdoor space again to keep on growin'!

  5. I have always thought cilantro tasted like something familiar that i did not like in my mouth. Now i know that flavor. Soap. It was always soap. Just did not place it

  6. Thanks for your videos, Mike, and sharing your ideas. Since I found your channel, I’ve been trying out your micro greens with great success! Thank you 👏🏻👏🏻 I’ve also just bought some downspouts to try out your system! One question, which of your microgreens methods do you prefer … with the soil ? … or just the wicking fabric and piece of grow mat? I tried both and the greens seem to grow bigger in the soil, though both are tasty. I prefer the "non-soil" method as I am plagued by fungus gnats here in Australia but is that ok to transfer to baby green and full green setups? I started "growin'" in March using wicking beds and have been fighting fungus gnats and possums too, the latter as hungry as your peacocks!! Ended up building a suspended aeroponics tower to deter them! With 40° C summers on the way, temperature will be my next battle I’m sure! I only have a courtyard and the surface temp of my pavers exceeds 55° C in a heatwave, so the indoor ideas are appealing!

  7. You always have some awesome info on how to grow your own food the simple easy way. Everything outside is kicking chicken buddy. Like that new tote ya made. Thanks for sharing all this information with us. Stay safe and have a great week!

  8. Final step should be to learn weather each plant is annual or biannual. So you can learn to let some of each fully mature, harvest their seeds and complete the cycle, becoming self sufficient.

  9. Hey there Mike,glad to see your channel growing well.Was one of your early day viewers,happy that the content is constantly high in quality..Ive got a question about germinating seeds-seedling stage for my hydroponic setup,can I know if you have any vids for that? specificaly

  10. Good on you Mike, this is really cool to see. Great message to move into not so depending on the system and take control yourself.
    Lots of love to you and the Mrs,,cheers

  11. Hello there Mike, just a thought on WHY we all should be growing! When the crap hits the fan and the grocery stores are all closed, if we are growing our greens & such, we will still be eating!!!


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