Bioponics – Deep Water Culture method – $30/SF/mo revenue potential

Bioponics - Deep Water Culture method - $30/SF/mo revenue potential

Productivity and profits are high when growing wheat grass without soil. We produce organic nutrients, on site, through a process of extraction from natural biomass elements. Yield is 1 pound per square foot per 10 days. With minimal labor and low overhead profits are very good in this small 120 sq ft area. Revenue, at $10/lb, is as much as $3600 per month per 120SF.


David Epstein


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I am studying at csu and I like the idea of hydroponics but I do not what to use bottles synthetic nutrients and instead use organic, I looked up this idea and I found your channel . I hope to learn more from your channel

  2. Good day. Excellent work and magnificent study.
    A question: How are you able to control the nutrient elements in you organic solution?
    How do you know the amount of Nitrogen for example, if there is any deficiency, how do you compensate for that?



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