How to Set Up The Kratky Hydroponics Method (Tutorial)

How to Set Up The Kratky Hydroponics Method (Tutorial)

The Kratky Method was first published in a paper in 2009 by B.A. Kratky, and describes a beautiful method of growing plants in a non-circulating hydroponic system. It’s a very simple, yet effective, way to grow plants hydroponically. Great for leafy greens like lettuce, kale, spinach, and a variety of herbs.

I’ve even seen people do Kratky tomatoes or Kratky cucumbers, though I haven’t grown them myself (yet)!


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  1. My kratky jars are not as successful as growing in the IDOO system. The only difference is the light. I don’t have a suitable window, so I bought a blue/red light. Can you recommend a better light for a small setup. Is it better to use a white light along with the red and blue? I am in Australia. Thanks.

  2. Hi EG! I'm just getting into hydroponics and it's little late in the year for chicago. I see lettuce and kale can grow in cooler temperatures when in soil. Do you think I would be able to start kale and lettuce now if Chicago gets to 44 degrees to 56 degrees fahrenheit in november? I was assuming that it should be enough time for the vegetable plants to harden before weather begins to drop some more. I've also read that plants grow faster with hydro. Let me know if you think I can get a good crop for a hydro newbie or if my plants will be dead by the time November comes!

  3. I do some classes for school kids and Boys and Girls Club – I would like to snip a couple of photos and graphics for use in these classes. Do I have permission?


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