The King COB (Chip On Board) LED Grow Light Review

The King COB (Chip On Board) LED Grow Light Review

An in depth look at The King COB LED. We take a look at both the 360W and the 480W. We explain COB technology while covering the perks, flaws, heat, and PAR.

The King COB LED Grow Light brings you the full spectrum of a CMH light with the low heat of an LED. With Chip On Board (COB) technology you’ll get a full spectrum of light in one smooth, efficient wavelength with a limited wattage that’ll keep things nice and cool underneath the light to assure maximum plant protection.

The 3000K wavelength this grow light emits sits close enough to the warm spectrum to get your plants flowering when they’re ready. At the same time, there’s still enough of the cool spectrum to give your plant plenty of growth during its vegging stage.

Each light bar of the King COB LED grow light utilizes 9x ultra-efficient COB (chip on board) diodes. With a whopping 6w chip in each diode, each bar pumps out tons of 3000K light down on to your plants without the need of a super-powered ballast or tons of LED diodes. With 60° lenses on each diode, your light will be focused directly down on to your plants instead of spreading out and losing efficiency the higher you hang the light.

Easy-to-use adjustment knobs, allow you to slide each bar closer or further away from each other. Need more intensity? Move the bars closer and they’ll work together to give you intense coverage directly below the light. Want to cover more space? Move them along the light rail/ballast and in minutes you’re covering significantly more area.

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  1. lol, cobs were started by growmau5 youtube channel about 2 years ago, and he uses more superior COBs than this king cob. This King Cob is using old outdated Cobs that are weak compared to the new Cobs by American Cree LED company. You can make your own pretty easily, growmau5 explains it and proves these Cob lights are better LED technology than older small diode LED grows on amazon and other cheap companies


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