The Best Net Cup / Easy DIY Hydroponics

The Best Net Cup / Easy DIY Hydroponics

CZ Garden hydroponic shop sent me what they called the best net cup on the market. This is my first impression. They also sent me some other products to try out. They do not sponsor me and I am not recommending their company or products. I will be testing the net cups as well as a few other of the products they sent me. After I do, I will make another video giving you my opinion.

If you want to try any of their products yourself, here is their Amazon store page :

My Etsy shop with my grow boxes and ebook:
True Leaf Market Organic Seeds:

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. You are so awesome! I love the story about your wife figuring out the pool noodle hack! I appreciate your effort to help everyone grow. You responded to a comment I made on another video…and it got me in motion, still not planting yet, but getting closer to the possibility. I dont know a lot of people interested in gardening, but I just realized I can share your vids with my other email addresses, so hopefully that counts for your share rates.

  2. Have a question- I figured you would be the one to ask. Can I use a 5 gallon bucket and cut a hole in the lid however not use a net up but use some type of foam like the pool noodle material to hold the tomato up? Or would the tomato plant just be to heavy? Thank you so much your knowledge has helped us so much with starting our garden this year!

  3. Brother : re-use ? … Salvage a 5 Gallon from a restaurant thats cleanable. THEN use the "Triangle number 5 plastic" Coffee containers to make your vertical stack. Bucket as reservoir ; pump up to top ; drip tubing hanging Down from the top with the "cheap misters" (Low pressure / normal ones) installed. …. Run your mist tubes in a "ring" around in the inside? GET that spray coverage yeah hahahaha. Good Luck !!!! 😀 … ~ Cheers , Reverend Shane

  4. Hi Mike, I'm the guy who bought your book and then made a bunch of your Kratky downspouts. Today, I have about 75 seedlings that I've grown under lights in 1 1/2 rockwool (I started them before I knew about all of your ingenious and cost saving ideas!). I bought a bunch of 2 inch net cups that fit perfectly in the downspout holes and I started to plant them but the existing roots that are coming out of the bottom of the rockwool get smashed in the bottoms of the cups. (I've ordered the dixie cups but don't arrive til next week). Is it worth cutting the bottoms out of the net cups? I await your answer (so I can start filling those downspouts!!!)

  5. Thank you for the quick review and sharing your knowledge. I am starting up my first hydroponic garden outside this year. I was looking into the cups and wasn’t sure what to buy but you just helped me make a choice. I Bought their 25 pack of 3” off of amazon. Hoping that they will last longer since they are better quality. Thanks again and I am looking forward to you next videos.

  6. Just recently came across one of your videos. Found myself seeing several the same day! I have really enjoyed them! May i ask where in Florida you are? I am in Lee County.

  7. Hi mike what do you recommend putting in the net cups when I transfer my plants into the gutters I see clay pellets Isee rock wool not sure what to use to fill the cup to keep to plant stable when I slip it into the hole of the gutter thank you

  8. Hey Mike, I found a great way to store bulk dry nutrients is in a 5 gallon bucket. At Home Depot or Lowe's one can get something called a Gamma Seal lid. They have a ring that pops onto the bucket very firmly with a silicone seal, then there is a lid within the ring that easily screws on and off to open the bucket, and that portion also has a silicone seal. Still need a moisture absorber since the air here in Florida is so humid, but it's sturdier and a surer seal than something like a Ziplock.

  9. New subscriber. Totally awe-inspired by what I am seeing on your channel. Haven't learned exactly how to use the pool noodles, or seen the innovative net cups made from plastic cups, or what seems to be an abundance of other ideas, but have all night to explore the vids. Thanks and take care.

  10. Mail Time "YEH" I like the idea of using net cups with Kangkong,,,mine is just starting to shoot out of the ground again. It seems the root systems can live over winter. My guess is you can strike off a Kangkong root like a Comfrey plant. If you still have some Kangkong Mike you could bring a pot indoors,,,and go again next season.
    All the best from Australia

  11. Another great informative vid Mr VD !!
    You always get me inspired… I like the float system for a kratky setup. For busy peeps that looks ideal !!
    Rock on .. live to inspire! Have a good weekend 🤘🌱😎

  12. That's nice of you to give away the things you don't plan to use. Those glasses are for filtering the HPS spectrum so you can see the plants under normal lighting; it makes it much easier to identify any issues. They also sell green ones that are meant for LED's and the same purpose. Those air stones are nice, but they're expensive and I've found that they're almost impossible to keep at the bottom of the res, and end up floating, causing really low oxygen levels. Kind of defeats the purpose.


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