Sweet Potato leaves/ Easy DIY Hydroponics!

Sweet Potato leaves/ Easy DIY Hydroponics!

Hydroponic grow spinach substitute that can take the heat. We are growing sweet potatoes in our non circulating passive hydroponic set up otherwise known as the Kratky method. Easy DIY hydroponics.

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  1. I'm from Taiwan, sweet potato leaves is a major leafy greens we eat. Water boil It then add fresh ground garlic and soy sauce or soy paste (thick soy sauce) You can try water spinach too! Another Taiwanese's favorites.

  2. Hi great video. How do you start the sweet potato plant before you put them in the net pots. Tsnks for sharing all these great ideas. I literally save all your videos for my gardening playlist. Going to start hydroponic in the summer when it warms up.

  3. They have a lot of nutrition and can be eaten in a variety of ways. Most people don't realize they are edible, assuming because it's a potato plant that the leaves are toxic. I love how the vines grow so long, they are beautiful!


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