Soil vs Hydro vs Coco Blend for Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics

Soil vs Hydro vs Coco Blend for Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics

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The pros and cons of growing with soil vs hydroponics vs Coco blend.
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Written by Grow Ace

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  1. Perfect growing media and timing:
    Media should consist of –

    *For sprouting – 100% Fox Farm Happy Frog media

    *At +/- 2 wks to 1 month depending on sprouting development, switch media to
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest and transplant at beginning veg state, 75% Happy Frog + 25% Ocean Forest.

    * After beginning a good veg period, once again transplant to final growing media mix to begin flower period. For a 5 gallon container, this should be approximately –

    *20% agro-char like Lazeri Super Char agricultural charcoal

    *20% large pumice substrate like HydroCorn or Hydroton expanded clay pebbles

    *20% best high quality worm castings

    *about 2 cups All Natural Neem Seed Meal

    *about 2 cups Grow More Kelp Meal

    *Watering should be about once or twice weekly with Boogie Brew Compost Tea

    Yes, getting started is a little more expensive with these media ingredients BUT the King of Oregon growers has 30 years experience using this mix and nutrient with a long record of having attained a 25% to 35% greater harvest with some plants yielding +/- 32 to 48 ounces of prime buds.

    Just sayin'. . . give this a try. You won't likely be disappointed.

  2. I love that your capable of setting up all this , yet you didn't realize you couldn't submerge a ph meter.
    When most people would be safe to handle a ph meter , but have trouble making a hydro setup lol

  3. ill just say i spent about 2-3k for my first set up all bought from grow ace, never have i ever had a worse consumer experience then with them… missing packages that i had to bug them to send replacements for and items that genuinely didnt work well if not at all, their hygrometers are SHIT and not precise in the slightest, their lights are so low quality that the plate welding the bulb to the hud is already partially broken from shipping, 6inch inline fan i bought from them broke after i was 2 months into my first grow, dont buy from them

  4. Perlite is trash, everyone uses way too much. You seriously just showed adding perlite to soil that already has perlite in it!!!!🤦‍♂️

  5. I have always loved soil growing and i have ran all three setup's at one time or another, i enjoy keeping the soil healthy as much as the plant, right now im running 50% FF ocean harvest, 25% FF happy frog and 25% FF strawberry fields and my plants love it!
    Side note: if your running a soil grow it ALWAYS a good idea to have a good soil conditioner, i recommend (Phish Sh!t) yes that's really the name lol it's kinda pricey but worth every penny and also a bottle of all natural neem oil for all natural pest control mixture if u happen to get spider mites or thrips because both of those pests can ruin your harvest if not addressed in a timely fashion. Happy Harvesting!

  6. Honestly im a 90's kid screw coco and soil i rock rockwool grow cubes with hydroton clay pebbles in Drain too waste. I don't use a rez or water pumps lol!,
    And you can add beneficial fungus and bacteria into hydro bro just feed them with sugars and carbs.

  7. You need to embrace a wider stance on the term: "Hydroponic". I manually water into pots of rockwool flock and don't recirculate the nutrient.
    Since this content was created, commercial hydroponics has also expanded to include media-less methods too.

  8. Hydro is not double the growth of soil, unless you have no idea how to grow in soil. As for the taste comment, literally every single person with an above average sense of taste will say the soil results taste better. Every single one. Why? Because good soil has trace minerals being chelated by microbes, that are missing from nearly every hydroponic nutrient. Most of the bottles and powders are sufficient in macro nutrients but missing some micro. It's not chemically possible to include everything in one package when it's in concentrated mineral form, and most growers aren't paying enough attention to compensate for whatever is lacking.
    Also, you're not supposed to submerge the entire pH tester.
    If you want to sell your products effectively, you should probably provide accurate information or your brand doesn't look credible or reliable.

  9. Using hydroponic nutrients on soil is okay, but you have to scale the amount of nutrients, and make sure you can drain it. NONE of my potted coco/soil mix died from using hydro liquids. Obviously you dont add a hydroponic concentrate. You should try it .

  10. Can I just let my plants sit in the clay pebbles? Without a circulation system. And I have a huge problem with biting midges reproducing in the soul medium. I want to try pebbles instead.

  11. i use neem and vulcano rock dust plus Diatomaceous Earth, never had any problems, a friend grow 10 meters next to me, in supermaket soil, bottle nutrition, i did not till, no bugs for me, and his got eaten totally

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  13. You speak English with an upward inflection on almost everything you say, like, everything is a question??? Here in England we dont speak real English this way, but I do hear that annoying inflection coming through sometimes, Thanks USA for changing OUR language.


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