Smart Hydroponics System – Grow More Food With Less Resources Using Smart Technology

Smart Hydroponics System – Grow More Food With Less Resources Using Smart Technology

Farmers in Netherlands are using smart hydroponics system to grow more food with less resources. It is more efficient with more yield for crops and vegetables.

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A Smart Hydroponics System is based on smart principles. It was developed by Zero Friction Gardening. This article presents a simple design and application of an automated smart hydroponics system with internet. The challenges to be overcome with this innovative system are mainly the ever-increasing food requirement in today’s world, the need for a sustainable means of agriculture using the Internet of Things, and the ever-changing environment.
It is a closed loop system. This means that there is no direct exchange of nutrient solutions. This allows for an extended period of growth without any fear of over-watering or roots draining because there is always a constant water level. Smart Hydroponics allows for indoor gardening in urban areas as well as outdoor gardeners.
This system has several advantages. It is easy to use, requires no wiring or special structure for the growing trays, and can be run on electricity or solar power. This type of gardening also requires little upkeep after it has been started. Since the system uses a constant water supply, it is suitable for indoor growing and saves energy. This makes it very attractive to small growing gardens.
There are three components involved with starting up the smart hydroponics system. The first component, an indoor grow light, provides a steady supply of light for the hydroponic vegetables. The second component called the growing medium supplies the nutrients to the plants for them to grow. Finally, the third component, called the seed kit or mix, supplies the right combination of hydroponic growing media to the seeds for them to germinate and grow.
The hydroponic growing mediums that you use will depend upon what you are growing. The nutrient blend mixes used need to be adjusted to fit your particular product line. In addition, each batch of media should be checked for quality before it is added to the trays. The nutrient mixture and trays are fully automated once the initial crop has been harvested, so this eliminates the need for tending to any kind of harvest.
Harvesting the crop is a piece of cake. Each cycle takes only a few minutes to complete and the nutrient mixes are pre-adjusted to maintain the pH, lighting, and temperature for a full cycle. You simply drain the last quart of water and clip off the tops of the trays, making sure not to allow any of the nutrients to escape. Cover the container with plastic wrap and tape the inside of the bag closed. The harvest will begin almost immediately and because the hydroponic system is fully automated, you will not have to wait for the harvest to settle, allowing you to check the progress of your crop. Your hydroponic system can even start producing fruit from seeds right after they are harvested!
There are several features that set them apart from other hydroponic systems. First, the Smart Hydroponics systems use a high-tech LED (light intensity diode) that will turn the slightest bit of sunlight into energy that the plants will need in order to grow. The LED will also turn off the lights automatically when the harvest period has ended and the water levels have been calculated. This way, the lights never go on unnecessarily, which saves energy and time.
It is an excellent choice for growing herbs indoors. They are extremely durable, requiring virtually no maintenance at all. You do not need a grow light, because the LED lights will provide just enough energy to keep the herbs growing at all times. With the low cost of the materials, as well as the ease and control over the growing environment, it is a step above other hydroponic systems for growing herb gardens indoors.

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Using Smart Technology To Grow Food Will Become More Prevalent In The Future.


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