Self Watering Microgreen Grower / Easy DIY Hydroponics systems

Self Watering Microgreen Grower / Easy DIY Hydroponics systems

I have been getting a lot of questions in my email about the self watering microgreen container and the downspout container. Here is a mash up of my videos from almost two years ago for all the new people we have jumping on board. I will make an updated version of the downspout construction soon. Thank you guys for your patience. Peace and Love.

easy diy hydroponics system

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  1. Just to let you know I'm now growing pak choy and I'm loving it as a cabbage. I did experiment with a regular cabbage first got only good green leaves off it but never came to a head with the kratky method. So that's when I figured that's why you use the pak choy cabbage cuz it's growing so much easier and to a full plant. Also made a 6 teir micro green stackable tower with an old stackable container I no longer use. Ty for your videos. I plan on making homemade stews with my pak choy and canning em !! So helpful on my grocery bill!

  2. I'm so glad I found your channel today! I'm going to binge watch!! LOL… but, my question about this video… You are using two green lids and one green container and one black lid. Is it possible to use the extra green container you didn't use as the lid, instead of the black lid? Or does it need to be blacked out? Thank you for all the great information!

  3. love ur work as usual mate. one day ill make one of these. can you please do a vid on alternataves to masterblend. heare in oz we cant get it or anything like it without a huge shipping fee($100 plus).

  4. I really love your video, im so inspired by your videos, i already start my kratky hydrophonics,im gonna try this one soon.thanks man, Godbless you and your family!

  5. I have used Mikes method and grown beets, swiss chard, cilantro, tomatoes, pak choi, tomatillos, peppers, Letting my first round of oak choi go to seed so I can collect the seeds . This has been fun and my family really likes the stir fried greens. Thank you again Mike for sharing your spirit and knowledge!! Make sure to check greens for fungus when they are tiny.

  6. I have city water, do I need to distill it before I use it? I see a lot of people talking about PH levels, when it comes to water, I haven't a clue what to do.


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